Information for Faculty

Information for Faculty

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Overview of Services
In this fifteen-minute overview, we discuss services provided, online tools and resources which are available to both students and alumni. If a computer room is reserved or students bring their laptops/tablets, students will also have the opportunity to create accounts in our resume template system as well as our job board, which would extend the presentation to thirty minutes.

Cover Letters, Resumes, and CVs
This fifty-minute presentation covers points on how to effectively create a cover letter, resume or CV. Each presentation is crafted to focus on your industry/major. This presentation typically includes discussions of navigating our template system, Optimal Resume. Individual student critiques can be requested with additional time factored in.

Optimal Resume Registration & Navigation
This thirty-minute presentation allows students to create an Optimal Resume account, pick an appropriate resume template via the Optimal browse function and learn useful tips in navigation of this system.

Job & Internship Search Process
Looking for work is not always easy when you don't know where to start. This thirty-minute discussion will focus on utilizing the right approach: internet resources, LinkedIn, cold-calls, networking contacts, articles/newspapers, as well as research in the community of your interest. 

Interviewing Skills
Interviewing is tough! This fifty-minute long discussion provides an in-depth discussion of interview expectations, preparation, appropriate dress, answering questions and follow-up. 

An interactive workshop where students will learn the set-up for their networking event and information on how to successfully navigate this event, as well as faculty expectations. Programs for faculty are customized and are offered from sixty minutes to two-hour intervals, dependent upon need and availability. Multiple sessions can be created as well.

What's Next: Considerations as You Enter the Workforce
Planning life after one graduates and navigating the work world can see overwhelming. Planning is a crucial step in being successful, even after a job is obtained. This thirty-minute presentation discusses the importance of knowing your budget, connecting with your new HR office and finding the right support professionals to assist you as you move on in a career path. 

To request a presentation or workshop, please contact the Career Center at Staff will respond in 48 business hours.