Professor and two students examining golf course turf.

Golf and Sports Turf Management

Golf and Sports Turf Management Internships

The summer internship program is a large part of the education experience at Delhi. Students enrolled in the 4-year Golf and Sports Turf Management program are required to participate in summer internships.

Students complete an internship during each summer they are enrolled in the program for the first 3 years of the program (HORT 180, GMBA 280, GMBA 380), culminating with a 6 to 9 month internship completed in their final semester (GMBA 450).

Internship Locations

Internship opportunities are available throughout the United States and on a limited basis internationally. Students have the opportunity to choose from numerous facilities including country clubs, resorts, public and municipal courses, military golf facilities, athletic field facilities and various related industries. The location of where a student interns is entirely up to the student, though the faculty and staff provide assistance in the process (e.g. locating internship postings and class preparation). The process is formalized with signed contracts with the internship site cooperator.

Internship Site Offerings

In addition to providing an educational experience, ALL internships offer:

  • Salaries (average range $9 to $13 per hour) + Overtime

Most internship sites offer:

  • Onsite or nearby Housing
  • Meals
  • Uniforms

Types of Internships

Students have completed internships in the following types of operations:

  • Golf course maintenance
  • Athletic and sports field maintenance
  • Landscape and grounds management
  • Greenhouse production
  • Technical/service representative