Apply as a Transfer to SUNY Delhi

You'll apply as a transfer student if you've already completed some college-level coursework following high school graduation or are applying to one of our Community College Partnership programs. Your transfer credits will be evaluated after acceptance by the Admissions Office in consultation with the appropriate academic school.

How to Apply

Required Documentation

  • Copy of all official college transcript(s). Academic transcripts are required for all colleges attended, whether you received credit or not. If you are transferring from another SUNY school, please request a General Education Transcript Addendum (GETA) to be sent along with your transcripts.
  • Official final high school transcript.
  • Supplemental Information Form.
  • Electronic transcripts will only be accepted if they are sent via a secure platform affiliated with SUNY Delhi. If you are unsure, contact our Registrar's Office at 607-746-4560.
  • Students requesting to transfer from another School of Nursing must provide a letter of recommendation from the Nursing Director.
  • Note: Admission for transfer students is based primarily on academic performance in all college coursework completed and the applicability of the coursework toward meeting the requirements of your intended major of study at SUNY Delhi.

Admission Requirements

Prospective transfer students must meet the minimum admissions requirements for the program they are applying to in order to be considered for admission.

Minimum cumulative transfer grade point average:

  • 2.0 for most Associate's Degree programs
  • 2.5 for Veterinary Science Technology
  • 3.0 for School of Nursing: RN, Dual Degree Program
  • 2.3 for all Baccalaureate Degree programs

*Criminal Justice Online applicants require additional admission requirements.

**Accepted Students still enrolled in courses after applying to SUNY Delhi must continue to maintain the minimum cumulative grade point average in order to maintain their acceptance to SUNY Delhi.


The application process at SUNY Delhi is based on a rolling admissions plan wherein we will accept applications until the programs are filled. You may apply as early as you would like. The Admissions staff will make decisions regarding applicants for the spring semester beginning October 1. Applicants for admission for the fall semester will be reviewed beginning November 1.

Transfer Credits

Transfer courses completed 10 years prior to a student's anticipated matriculation date must be reviewed by the Academic School Dean. The Dean will review the coursework to ensure course relevance and applicability to the student's chosen program.

Transfer courses taken at other institutions do not generate quality points for the purpose of calculating GPA. Students transferring from an institution on a quarter system will only receive 2 semester hours of transfer credit for every 3 hours earned on the quarter system.

  • SUNY Delhi will award college credit based on test scores in the following: Advanced Placement (AP) program, College Level Examination Program (CLEP) or the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program.
  • Only coursework completed at institutions that are fully accredited will be considered for possible transfer credit toward SUNY Delhi degree requirements unless approved by the Academic School.
  • Students may bring in up to 50 percent of their course work from another school. Associate's degree programs must earn a minimum of 30 credits from SUNY Delhi, and Baccalaureate programs must earn a minimum of 60 credits from Delhi.
  • All transfer credit will remain tentative until official, final college transcripts and score reports for college level examinations (AP, CLEP, IB, etc.) are received and reviewed by the Office of Admissions.
  • Entering freshmen who complete college level course work while in high school must submit official transcripts or score results for transfer credit evaluation prior to the beginning of the semester they first enroll. Transfer credit will be reflected on the student's initial evaluation during academic advisement.

For transfer students, courses of equivalent quality and content taken at other accredited institutions are acceptable for transfer credit with the following stipulations:

  • Freshman Composition (ENGL 100), or its equivalent, will transfer with a grade of at least "C."
  • Following Academic School approval, courses with a grade of "D" will be accepted for transfer credit only if all the courses being accepted for transfer average a "C" (2.00) or better.
  • The School of Nursing mandates that students receive at least a "C-" (or 70 from colleges using numerical grades) in non-nursing courses and a "C+" (or 75 from colleges using numerical grades) in nursing courses.
  • The Veterinary Science Technology program will only accept a "C" or better in Liberal Arts and General Studies courses and a "C+" or better in Veterinary Science courses.
  • The School of Veterinary and Applied Sciences will only accept a grade of "C" or better for individual courses.

Where do I find my Transfer Credit?

  • Students may view the results of their transfer credit evaluation by logging into Bronco Web and generating an unofficial transcript approximately two weeks after acceptance.
  • Log in to Bronco Web and go to Student > Student Records > Academic Transcript to view your unofficial transcript, which will list your transfer credit by institution.