Transfer Credit Information

Transfer Credit Information

The Registrar's Office, in consultation with appropriate academic schools and applying all academic regulations, evaluates all official transcripts and awards transfer credit. Students can view the results of their transfer credit evaluation by going to Bronco Web and generating an unofficial transcript.

Transfer courses completed 10 years prior to a student's anticipated matriculation date must be reviewed by the Dean of an Academic School. The Dean will review the course work to ensure course relevance and applicability to their chosen program.

Electronic transcripts will only be accepted if they are sent via a secure platform affiliated with Delhi. If you are unsure, contact our office.

Transferred courses taken at other institutions do not generate quality points for the purpose of calculating GPA. Students transferring from an institution on a quarter system will receive only 2 semester hours of transfer credit for every 3 hours earned on the quarter system.

Students may bring in up to 50% of their course work from another school. Students in associate's degree programs must earn a minimum of 30 credits from SUNY Delhi, and students in baccalaureate programs must earn a minimum of 60 credits from SUNY Delhi.

For transfer students, courses of equivalent quality and content taken at other accredited institutions are acceptable for transfer credit, with the following stipulations:

  1. Freshman Composition (ENGL 100), or its equivalent, will transfer with a grade of at least "C."
  2. Following Academic School approval, courses with a grade of "D" will be accepted for transfer credit only if all the courses being accepted for transfer average a "C" (2.00) or better.
  3. The Nursing Program mandates that students receive at least a "C" (or 70 from colleges using numerical grades) in non-nursing courses and a "C+" (or 75 from colleges using numerical grades) in nursing courses.
  4. The Veterinary Science Technology program will accept only a "C" or better in Liberal Arts and General Studies courses and a "C+" or better in Veterinary Science courses.
  5. The School of Applied Sciences will only accept a grade of "C" or better for individual courses.

Students who wish to appeal the results of their transfer credit evaluation may submit a Transfer Credit Student Appeal form (pdf).

Please allow 2 weeks for transfer credit to be appropriately evaluated and posted to your student record.