Alumni gathered outside dorms

The Emergency Fund

The Emergency Fund

Supporting Your College in Times of Need

Over the past year, many alumni and friends of the college have asked how they can help students in this extraordinary time. You may support Delhi students impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic by making a charitable gift to one of the priorities below. Now is a time of great need. We know that the SUNY Delhi community will come together to support our students - and our college. Your contribution will provide students with the resources they need to complete their educations in times of great stress and turbulence. 

Student Emergency Fund

The Student Emergency Fund provides support for SUNY Delhi students who encounter unforeseen financial emergencies or catastrophic events. The goal of this fund is to help students during times of extraordinary need.  Emergencies may trigger a need for support for things such as housing/rent, temporary loss of income, clothing, medical expenses, transportation, or obtaining items necessary for a student to complete their studies.

The Delhi Fund

The Delhi Fund provides flexible funding for a wide range of initiatives across campus including student life programs, peer-to-peer tutoring programs and more. The Delhi Fund enhances the college’s ability to award scholarships to students in need and supports emerging needs for our students, faculty and college community. Continued support of the Delhi Fund is critical to continuing the programs that help make the SUNY Delhi experience exceptional.

Together, we can make a difference at SUNY Delhi and specifically on our most socioeconomically challenged and impacted students.