Excuse Policy

SUNY Delhi, Foreman Hall Health and Counseling Services expects students to attend all scheduled classes. However, it is recognized that there are times when a student must miss a class.


Medical/Personal Notifications

  1. Foreman Hall Health and Counseling Services does not provide written notes or emails for missed classes, examinations, extracurricular activities, or
  2. If a student is seen in Health and Counseling Services, they should schedule visits so there is no conflict with class/work
  3. All students seen in the Health or Counseling Center are provided with an after-visit summary. Students can provide this summary to their faculty or work as proof of being seen in the clinic. It is then up to the faculty/work’s discretion as to whether or not the missed time will be excused.

Starfish Notification for Excused Absence

  1. With the student's permission, Health or Counseling Services will send an “absent from class” notification to the student's faculty notifying them of the absence from class but will not release any private information or details about the nature of absence. This notification will be placed in Starfish.
  2. In Starfish the absence from class will include a ‘clearance to return to class and other activities’ component. This applies to students out for any medical or personal/counseling reasons.
  3. If a student returns to class prior to the advisor/professors receiving a ‘clearance back to class’ notification via STARFISH, the student should be directed to follow up with health and counseling immediately.
  4. Students will be encouraged by all health and counseling staff to contact all faculty in regard to being out of class for missed work. 

Excused Reason

  1. Student who provides a written excuse from an outside medical professional indicating that the student should not be in class, or missed class related to a medical appointment.
  2. Student is seen and evaluated in the Health or Counseling center and it is determined that the student should not be in class. That notification is provided the same day of that determination

**If it is not in starfish then the student was not excused by our office**

Not Excused

  1. No excuse will be provided to any student who has not been seen and evaluated in the health/counseling center.
  2. Just because a student has been seen does not mean they will be excused from classes.

Death/Unforeseen Circumstance

  1. All death related or other unforeseen personal circumstances will now be determined for excuse by the Vice President of Student Life or their designee. In the event a student experiences a death in the family, proof of the death must be provided. This can be an obituary or documentation from funeral home regarding the service. Documentation for other unforeseen personal circumstances should also be provided to the Vice President of Student Life or their designee when requesting to be excused. Please call the student life office to schedule an appointment 607-746-4440 or email studentlife@delhi.edu with your concern. 
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