Physical & Mental Health Emergencies

Physical & Mental Health Emergencies

Physical Health Emergencies

  • If you are having a medical emergency on campus, call University Police at 607-746-4700; off campus, call 911.
  • O'Connor Hospital in Delhi: 607-746-0300

Mental Health Emergencies

During regular business hours, call 607-746-4690; after hours, call University Police at 607-746-4700. Ask to speak with a counselor if you or someone you know expresses or exhibits the following:

  • Thoughts of suicide
  • Impulses to hurt yourself or someone else
  • Severe mental confusion or disorientation
  • Suicidal intentions, making suicidal statements, or suicide attempts
  • Making imminent threats or exhibiting aggressive behavior toward others
  • Incoherent or disjointed speech
  • A loss of contact with reality, including hearing or seeing things that are not there and/or ideas or beliefs that are not realistic
  • Extreme panic
  • Demonstrated inability to care for oneself
  • Have just been a victim of violence or assault

Crisis Resources