Physical & Mental Health Emergencies

Physical & Mental Health Emergencies


Concerned about yourself or a student you know? Are you unsure about where to go or who can help?
The Broncos CARE Team can help. Learn more about the Broncos CARE Team.

Student of Concern Referrals

To make a referral to the CARE Team, complete the online Student of Concern form.

Physical Health Emergencies

  • If you are having a medical emergency on campus, call University Police at 607-746-4700; off campus, call 911.
  • O'Connor Hospital in Delhi: 607-746-0300

Mental Health Emergencies

During regular business hours, call 607-746-4690; after hours, call University Police at 607-746-4700. Ask to speak with a counselor if you or someone you know expresses or exhibits the following:

  • Thoughts of suicide
  • Impulses to hurt yourself or someone else
  • Severe mental confusion or disorientation
  • Suicidal intentions, making suicidal statements, or suicide attempts
  • Making imminent threats or exhibiting aggressive behavior toward others
  • Incoherent or disjointed speech
  • A loss of contact with reality, including hearing or seeing things that are not there and/or ideas or beliefs that are not realistic
  • Extreme panic
  • Demonstrated inability to care for oneself
  • Have just been a victim of violence or assault

Crisis Resources