Academic Leave of Absence

Academic Leave of Absence

Information Regarding Academic Leave of Absence

“A student in good academic standing (a G.P.A. of 2.00 or better) may be granted an academic leave of absence. Such leaves will be granted to students who are interested in academic pursuits other than at SUNY Delhi.  A student must petition his/her department chair or division dean  for an academic leave of absence.  The department chair or division dean will initiate the leave process (Academic Policy 1.352F3a)

This means that only students who are registered at another college/university are eligible for an Academic Leave of Absence. Students who take a semester off without registering at another college/university are not eligible for an Academic Leave of Absence. Students in this situation are considered not registered and must follow the readmission process to return to SUNY Delhi in a future semester.

(If you are planning to attend another college as a Visiting Student, you should contact the Registrar’s Office (607-746-4560) to complete the Visiting Student Form, not this form.  If you plan to apply for financial aid while a Visiting Student, you must meet with a financial aid officer.)

Information Regarding Internships

Students who are doing an internship during a fall, spring or summer semester are advised of the following:

Internship to earn college credit:

  • If you are on an internship, you must be registered by your division for those credits during the semester you are away on internship, and you must pay SUNY Delhi tuition for those credits. If you are taking an internship for 6 or more credits, financial aid may be available. 
  • If you are registered for fewer than 6 credit hours, you are not eligible for financial aid, and you may have to begin repayment on your student loans.  Please meet with a financial aid officer for an evaluation of your individual situation, and to obtain their signature on the back of this form.
  • If you are participating in the Disney College Program, DO NOT COMPLETE THIS FORM.  See your division dean for the Disney College Program form.

General Information for Academic Leave of Absence/Internship

If you are registered for fewer than 12 credit hours, or not registered at all during the semester you are on academic leave of absence or internship, your health insurance coverage may be cancelled, depending on your policy.  You are advised to contact your health insurance provider. If your application for academic leave is approved, you are advised to contact your own bank regarding your loans to see if any paperwork is required to maintain in-school deferment status.

Students living on campus need to contact their Residence Hall Director and check out of their room and turn in their room key once granted a leave of absence.  Failure to return their key will result in charges.  Students desiring housing for a future semester must pay a housing deposit of $100 and complete a housing contract to secure a room.  Housing fills early; therefore, to secure a room, students should pay their deposit and complete their contract by November 1 for the spring semester and March 15 for the fall semester.  Students taking a leave from College must turn in their mail box key or they will be charged a key replacement fee.  Mail will then be forwarded to the student’s permanent address.

Leave of Absence Form