Office Directory


Access and Equity Services
Bush Hall, 607-746-4744

Bush Hall, 607-746-4621

Accounts Payable
Bush Hall, 607-746-4500

Bush Hall, 607-746-4550,

Alumni Association
Bush Hall, 607-746-4600

Applied Sciences

Farnsworth Hall, 607-746-4410

Applied Technologies
Electrical Technologies Center, 607-746-4070

Art Center
Farrell Student & Community Center, 607-746-4108

Athletic Department
Clark Field House, 607-746-4675

Automotive Lab
Valley Campus, 607-746-4278



Barnes & Noble Bookstore
Farrell Student & Community Center, 607-746-4760

BEST Program
North Hall, 607-746-4514

Bluestone Pub & Restaurant
Delhi College Golf Course, 607-746-4200

Business and Hospitality
Alumni Hall, 607-746-4400



Sanford Hall, 607-746-4371

Gerry Hall, 607-746-4766

Callas Center for Educational Technology & Instruction
Bush Hall, 607-746-4674

Campus Ministry
Farrell Student & Community Center, 607-746-4239

Campus Store

Farrell Student & Community Center, 607-746-4760

Campus Voice (Student Newspaper)
Farrell Student & Community Center, 607-746-4270

Career Center
Bush Hall, 607-746-4590

Carpentry Lab
Smith Hall, 607-746-4187

Catskill Hall
Office, 607-746-4850

Center for Faculty Excellence in Innovation
233 Bush Hall, 607-746-4531

Center for Student Leadership and Engagement/College Union
Farrell Student & Community Center, 607-746-4565

Child Care Center (DC4)
Valley Campus, 607-746-4710

College Advancement

Bush Hall, 607-746-4520

College Association at Delhi (CADI)
Farrell Student & Community Center, 607-746-4750

College Farm
Valley Campus, 607-746-4276

College Foundation

Bush Hall, 607-746-4606

Commissary/Purchasing Office (CADI)
Farrell Student & Community Center, 607-746-4775

Computer Information Systems
Bush Hall, 607-746-4660

Continuing Education and Workforce Development
Bush Hall, 607-746-4545

Controls Lab
Electrical Technologies Center, 607-746-4178

Copy Center/Print Shop
Bush Hall, 607-746-4528

Counseling Services

Foreman Hall, 607-746-4690

Evenden Tower, 607-746-4321




Delhi Campus Childcare Center (DC4)
Valley Campus, 607-746-4710

Delhi College Interfaith Council (DCIC)
Farrell Student & Community Center, 607-746-4239

Delhi Entertainment Television (DET)

DuBois Hall
Office, 607-746-4286



Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)
Bush Hall, 607-746-4650

Electrical Construction and Maintenance Lab
Wall Service Complex, 607-746-4307

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Bush Hall, 607-746-4841

Enrollment Services
Bush Hall, 607-746-4550,


Wall Service Complex, 607-746-4020,

Finance & Administration
Bush Hall, 607-746-4580

Financial Aid  (Student Financial Services)
Bush Hall, 607-746-4570,

Fitness Center

Clark Field House, 607-746-4275



Gerry Hall
Office, 607-746-4296

Golf Course

Valley Campus, 607-746-4653

Grants & Sponsored Programs
Bush Hall, 607-746-4612



Health Services
Foreman Hall, 607-746-4690

Heating Plant
Sanford Hall, 607-746-4037

Help Desk (Technology)
Bush Hall, 607-746-4835

Human Resources/Affirmative Action/Payroll
Bush Hall, 607-746-4495



Institutional Research
Bush Hall, 607-746-4533

International Student Services

Farrell Student & Community Center, 607-746-4743


Janitorial Services - Academic/Residence Life
Catskill Hall, 607-746-4629


Large Animal Teaching Facility (LATF)
Valley Campus, 607-746-4276

Liberal Arts and Sciences
Evenden Tower, 607-746-4450

Library (Resnick)

Bush Hall, 607-746-4635



MacDonald Hall Dining Center
MacDonald Hall, 607-746-4770

Mailroom - Faculty/Staff
Wall Service Complex, 607-746-4253

Mailroom - Student
Farrell Student & Community Center, 607-746-4564

Wall Service Complex, 607-746-4010

Marketing and Communications
Bush Hall, 607-746-4870

Math Center

Bush Hall, 607-746-4589

Military-Affiliated & Veteran Affairs
Farrell Student & Community Center, 607-746-4743

MOSAIC Multicultural Center
Farrell Student & Community Center, 607-746-4739,

Murphy Hall
Office, 607-746-4287


School of Nursing
Office, 607-746-4490

School of Nursing Lab
Sanford Hall, 607-746-4361


O'Connor Center for Community Engagement
Farrell Student & Community Center, 607-746-4781

O'Connor Hall
Office, 607-746-4292

Online Programs
Bush Hall, 607-746-4519



Parent Help Line
Bush Hall, 607-746-4505

Physical Plant
Wall Services Complex, 607-746-4010

President's Office
Bush Hall, 607-746-4090

Provost's Office

Bush Hall, 607-746-4540

Bush Hall, 607-746-4500


Registrar's Office

Bush Hall, 607-746-4560

Residence Life Office
Catskill Hall, 607-746-4630

Resnick Academic Achievement Center
Bush Hall, 607-746-4650

Resnick Library

Bush Hall, 607-746-4635

Russell Hall
Office, 607-746-4281 and 607-746-4282



Sponsored Programs & Grants
Bush Hall, 607-746-4612

Student Accounts (Student Financial Services)

Bush Hall, 607-746-4570,

Student Financial Services
Bush Hall, 607-746-4570,

Student Life / Campus Life

Bush Hall, 607-746-4440

Student Rights and Responsibilities
Russel Hall 127, 607-746-4443

Student Senate
Farrell Student & Community Center, 607-746-4382

Swimming Pool
Kunsela Hall, 607-746-4263


Technology Help Desk (Technology/Telephones)
Bush Hall, 607-746-4835,

Transcript Request Line
Bush Hall, 607-746-4617

Turf Center
Valley Campus, 607-746-4277

Bush Hall, 607-746-4500



United University Professions (UUP)
210 South Hall, 607-746-4578,

University Police
North Hall, 607-746-4700,


Veterinary Science Technology Department

Farnsworth Hall, 607-746-4425


WDTU (Radio Station)
Farrell Student & Community Center, 607-746-4380


Bush Hall, 607-746-4524

Welding Lab
Welding Building, 607-746-4424

Writing Center

Bush Hall, 607-746-4196


Office of Admissions

118 Bush Hall