Purchase Requisitions

Purchase Requisitions

Completing a Purchase Requisition

A Purchase Requisition (pdf) form is available online or directly from the Purchasing Department by making an email request. With the electronic template, you will receive information on numbering your requisitions. Keep in mind that the more information you provide, the more accurate the order. A separate requisition form is needed for each vendor.

Vendor Information

(The college has the final determination of vendor)

  1. Complete Name
  2. Complete address, including street/city/zip code
  3. Phone and fax numbers. Website addresses.
  4. Federal Identification number. All purchase orders must include this number.

SUNY Account and Subaccount Numbers

The account(s) that should be charged for this purchase. One requisition may be used for the charge off to various accounts. Include the amount to be charged to each account, and have the requisition signed with the appropriate authorized signatures for each account. The Purchasing Department will assign the object code.


A clear description of the item. This should also have a description in layman's terms as the Purchasing Department must assign a product code based on the description.

  1. Catalog/Part or Item number(s)
  2. Make/Model number(s)
  3. Color/size
  4. Packaging information - include how many items in package
  5. Quantity - The quantity should agree with the unit listed (Example: if items are sold as individual units, list as 12 ea, not 1 dozen)
  6. Unit - How items are packaged (Example: each, dozen, thousand, package)
  7. (Unit) Price - This price should be for the unit specified. If an item is free, be sure to indicate this in the unit price field.
  8. Total - This is the total amount for this particular item. (Multiply quantity by unit price.)
  9. Total Amount of Order - Total of all items included on requisition

Authorized Signature

Signature of authorized Account Manager or designee assigned to the account being charged. The Purchasing Department maintains an annual listing of all authorized signatures. Designees must be listed on the authorization form in order to sign a requisition. Unauthorized signatures will result in requisition being returned to the submitting department. Requisitioner and Approver cannot be the same person.


To maintain compliance with NYS Finance Law and SUNY policy, it is required that all purchases have documented justification. All Purchase Requisitions must have clear reasoning for the form and function of the purchased goods or services. Purchase Requisitions submitted without proper justification will be returned to the requestor for clarification.


Attachments should be stapled, not paper clipped, to the back of the requisition. Make a copy of any backup information to keep in your files.

Special Instructions

Special instructions should be written directly on the requisition. The more information we have, the better we will be able to meet your needs. Special instructions may include the following:

  1. "The vendor's copy of the purchase order should be returned to the requisitioner" so they can pick up the items themselves, or so they can mail additional information to the vendor.
  2. "The vendor listed should be used because ….."
  3. "The items/services are needed by a special date." (Please highlight this information so we can include it on the purchase order.)
  4. "The payment must be routed back to requisitioner (or other specified person)" as is often the case for speakers and performers.


Submit completed form to the Purchasing Department, 149 Bush Hall. The majority of requisitions will be completed within 24 hours, however there could be up to a 5-day turnaround time. You will receive email verification of your order being placed from the Purchasing Department within 1-5 days after submitting your requisition.

Reporting Receipt of Items

The Purchasing & Accounts Payable Office cannot pay invoices unless they have confirmation of the receipt of orders. When an order is received or a service has been provided, the member of the department who ordered or authorized the purchase should:

  • indicate on the invoice the date the items were received or the services performed
  • sign the invoice confirming the order was completed
  • provide any packing slips if available


In instances of registrations or subscriptions being paid directly to the vendor, a signature for ‘OK to pay’ must be present on the Purchase Requisition.