Before Travel

Before Travel

Carefully review the following as you are planning your trip.

1. Request a NYS Travel Card

For employees who plan on traveling at least once a year:

  • Submit a Citibank NYS Visa Card Application Form at least 4 weeks in advance of any travel.
  • If approved, a card will be ordered and an email will be sent when the card is ready to be picked up.
  • You must complete an Acknowledgment/Agreement Form before the card will be given to you.
  • Review the Non-Employee Travel/Travel Card Policies & Guidelines section of the Travel Manual.

2. Request a Fleet Vehicle

  • All fleet vehicle requests should be made at least (2) two weeks prior to travel through the Event Management System (EMS).
  • When a traveler is approved to use a fleet vehicle for business travel, a Vehicle Use Confirmation Form (sent to the traveler via email) must be submitted with the Travel Request.
    • The Vehicle Use Confirmation Form will have approved travel dates, the 4 digit fuel credit card PIN, a pre/post trip checklist, and instructions on how to pick up the assigned vehicle’s keys.
  • In the event that a fleet vehicle is unavailable, a Vehicle Use Denial Form (sent to the traveler via email) must be submitted with the Travel Request.
    • Please review the Personal Owned Vehicle and Car Rentals sections of the Travel Policies & Guidelines.

How to Use the Fleet Vehicle Fuel Credit Card

Each fleet vehicle is assigned a gas credit card (WEX Card) strictly for use in fueling that specific fleet vehicle; the card and the following instructions on how to use it are found with the keys to the vehicle.

  1. Insert the WEX card into the card reader on the gas pump.
  2. Enter the 4 digit PIN that was assigned on the Vehicle Request Form.
  3. Enter the odometer mileage number of the vehicle at the pump.
  4. Select fuel grade and begin fueling the vehicle.
  5. Print receipt. Any and all original gas credit card receipts must be submitted with the Travel Voucher AC132-S to the Purchasing and Accounts Payable Office. If you forget to print or lose the receipt, please complete and submit a Declaration of Missing Receipt Form.

NOTE: If you have any difficulties using the card at the pump or claiming your receipt, first ask the store clerk/attendant for assistance or to reset the pump.

An on-campus fuel pump located between the Wall Service Complex and Smith Hall is maintained by the college and should be used to refuel fleet vehicles whenever possible. Drivers should NOT refuel fleet vehicles at local gas stations. The following instructions on how to use the campus pumps are as follows and are also found with the keys to the vehicle.

  1. Insert the driver's Employee ID Card into the card reader on the gas pump.
  2. Enter the last 4 digits of the license plate on the fleet vehicle.
  3. Select fuel type 1, press enter, lift nozzle, and begin fueling.
  4. Return nozzle to pump when finished fueling.

3. Complete & Submit a Travel Request

The Travel Request Form should be submitted at least 10 days before the travel departure date for any travel in regard to State business that is more than 35 miles from both your official station and your home, even if you are not requesting reimbursement. You are not guaranteed reimbursement if a Travel Request is not submitted prior to travel.

The Travel Request is used as confirmation that you have permission to travel and that there is sufficient funding. The traveler and supervisor/account administrator should verify their funding sources before committing to any expenses associated with the trip. If the expenses incurred while traveling are more than what was authorized on the Travel Request, a traveler will only receive up to the total of the amount allowable by the supervisor or account administrator unless we are notified in writing otherwise.

Submitted with the Travel Request should be…

  • Event program/agenda/invitation or schedule of events (if available at the time)
  • Approved Request to Exceed Maximum Lodging Rates Form (if necessary; check per diems!)
  • Fleet Vehicle Use Confirmation/Denial Form
  • Any receipts for authorized prepaid charges with a NET/Travel Card

Completing the Travel Request

Please be sure to complete all of the fields on the Travel Request and acquire the authorized signatures before submitting the form to the Purchasing and Accounts Payable Office.