Guidelines for Acquisition and Disposal of State Property


Equipment Guidelines

SUNY Delhi is required by the State Comptroller to maintain accountability for its equipment at all times. Equipment shall include but not be limited to the following: fleet vehicles, buildings, maintenance and grounds equipment, farm and technology equipment, scientific and medical equipment, culinary and athletic equipment. This includes equipment purchased through the Research Foundation. If proper procedure is not followed, it unnecessarily complicates the yearly equipment audit.

Asset Management Greater Than $5,000

Equipment recorded in the Asset Management System will have an original cost of $5,000 or more, and have a useful life expectancy of greater than one year. SUNY Delhi Property Control Coordinator is Donna Ackerman x4025,

Addition of New Equipment Inventory

When making equipment purchases of $5,000, send a copy of the purchase requisition to Donna Ackerman, It will be determined if the equipment meets the criteria for inclusion in the equipment inventory. If your new equipment has not been tagged with a SUNY decal within 30 days of receipt, please contact Donna Ackerman x4025, or

Disposition/Surplus/Transfer of SUNY Delhi Assets

If this equipment is broken, no longer needed, traded in, damaged, stolen or moved to another area, it must be disposed/transferred/surplus by Property Control.

Fleet vehicles, grounds equipment, farm, scientific, medical, culinary, athletic (etc.) equipment;

  • Shall be disposed/transferred/surplus through the Property Control Coordinator.
  • Complete the Equipment Transfer/Disposal form TD100 and forward it to Donna Ackerman,

Computers, Printers, Projectors, Telephones, and Similar Equipment

Contact the Help Desk at x4835 or

Equipment Less Than $5,000

Equipment that does not meet the above criteria is maintained by the Account Administrator of the department in which the equipment is located. They shall determine if the property should be disposed of, transferred or surplus. At no time shall any faculty or staff member, sell, donate, or remove any asset from the campus. If you need the items removed from the area they are in, place a work order in the system for proper removal and storage. Do not place in hallways; this is a violation of fire code regulations.