Fuel for State Vehicles

Instructions for Use

Fuel Management System

To be able to dispense gas from the fuel pumps at Wall Service, you must be registered as an approved driver at University Police. As new drivers are approved by University Police, they will be added to the fuel management software as authorized users.

Below are the steps required to fuel a State vehicle:

  • The Fuel Management Station is the gray pedestal device located to the left of the red and white fuel pump.

  • Open the clear plastic flap over the key pad on the Fuel Management Station.

  • Insert your college ID card in slot above key pad. The dark strip on back of card must be face down and on the right side of the card; Remove your card.

  • The display will ask for the vehicle #.
    • Type in the LAST four (4) digits of the license plate on the State vehicle you are driving and push the enter key.
    • If you wait too long, you will have to start again.
  • You will be prompted to select the fuel you are pumping.
    • #1 is for Gas #2 is for Diesel; Push Enter.
  • Lift associated pump nozzle for fuel selected and push the silver lever down to start the fuel pump; Fuel vehicle.

  • When fuel tank is full, return the silver lever on the side of the pump upright and replace fuel pump nozzle.