Collective Pursuit for Academic & Social Supports Program (C-PASS)

The C-PASS program is designed for students who do not meet the traditional admissions standards but prove the desire and potential to earn a college degree.  C-PASS provides support and resources to help students successfully transition to college and persist to graduation.

Support and resources may include:

  • Individualized success coaching
  • Training in college success skills
  • Personalized study and support groups
  • Peer mentoring, and customized workshops

C-PASS students generally reside in the FYE (First Year Experience) Living Learning Community within O’Connor Hall.

Eligibility Guidelines

Eligible students are referred to the C-PASS program by the Admissions Office. Once accepted into the program, students will be connected with a C-PASS Counselor to set up an initial meet and greet. Accepted C-PASS students are also invited to attend a Summer Transition Program to jump-start developing a toolbox for college success. 

C-PASS Summer Transition Program

Dates: August 16th -18th 2024

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  • Learn about the supports available in college and how to access SUNY Delhi's student services. 
  • Begin developing your academic and personal toolbox.
  • Experiment with reading, writing, and studying technology tools.
  • Discover your classroom locations, and develop a time management schedule.
  • Meet peer leaders, and begin developing relationships that will last a lifetime. 

Student Testimonials 

Brianne Heaven

How did you decide to study business administration at SUNY Delhi?
I decided to study business administration because a lot of my family members went into business and became successful. I chose SUNY Delhi because it’s not too far from home, and the classes are small. The campus is easy to get around. I also have a twin brother who studies at Delhi!

How has C-PASS benefited you as a student?
C-PASS sets you up for success. I have weekly meetings with an advisor where we catch up and I let them know how I’m doing. If there’s anything I need, they’ll let me know what additional resources are available to me. Meeting with an advisor helps me stay motivated. I had a tough semester in my second year, but I’m getting back on track and will hopefully be on the Dean’s list again. I’m also tutoring to help other students in accounting, software applications, statistics, and algebra. I look forward to graduating and finding a job in my field. Eventually, I hope to get a bachelor’s or master’s degree in accounting and become a CPA (certified public accountant).

Brianne Heaven
Peekskill, NY
Business Administration (AS)
Kiahna Pieronek

How did you decide to study criminal justice at SUNY Delhi?
When I first came to Delhi, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study. I was deciding between veterinary science and criminal justice. My father is a lieutenant corrections officer, so I had always been surrounded by that field. When I learned more about the courses in criminal justice, I ended up liking that option more. I really like the program and have made a lot of friends in my major. The professors are really nice and welcoming, too. We’re a tight-knit group – it’s nice being in class with people I feel comfortable with.

How has C-PASS benefited you as a student?
I struggled in high school due to a learning disability. C-PASS gives you the extra help to adjust to college and succeed. In my first year, I had weekly study sessions with C-PASS. You can also meet with an advisor who helps you find the right classes and deal with any issues you might have. They even helped me figure out that criminal justice was the right major for me. They’re always there for me and push me to do well. It really motivated me to do well because I wanted to impress them with my grades. After I developed better study habits and matured, it was nice to notice I was able to do better on my own and not rely on them as much anymore. My goal is to go to police academy after graduation and become a police officer – maybe even a state trooper.

Kiahna Pieronek
Burnt Hills, NY
Criminal Justice (BS)
Office of Admissions

118 Bush Hall