Merit Scholarship

A limited number of merit-based scholarships are awarded to incoming students with solid and competitive academic records. No separate scholarship application is required. Priority consideration will be given to students who submit their completed college application by the published deadline. Awarded students will be notified after acceptance to the college. All awards are one-time awards.


  • Submit a completed college application by March 1, 2023.
  • Meet the GPA requirements listed below.
  • Students must enroll full time (12+ credit hours).
  • Scholarships are designated for non-tuition expenses.

Incoming Students

All Merit scholarships for incoming first year students are one-time awards.

Scholarship      Amount      GPA     
Merit $1,250 90+


Transfer Students

All Merit Scholarships for incoming transfer students are one-time awards.

Scholarship     Amount      GPA      Credits     
School of Nursing $1,250 3.7 24+
School of Veterinary and Applied Sciences $1,250 3.7 24+
School of Applied Technologies and Architecture $1,250 3.0 24+
 School of Business and Hospitality Management      $1,250 3.0 24+
 School of Liberal Arts and Sciences $1,250 3.0 24+
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