Frequently Asked Questions


How do I contact Student Financial Services?

The Office of Student Financial Services is available during normal business hours by phone, email and by appointment (in person & virtual).  To view our current hours and ways to connect with us, visit our Connect with SFS web page.

I already submitted the FAFSA. Is there a separate application for NYS financial aid?

Yes. Eligible NYS residents have the opportunity to apply for grants and scholarships such as the TAP grant and the Excelsior Scholarship. Applications must be completed at the Higher Education Services Corp (HESC) website.

I applied for the NYS Excelsior Scholarship and was deemed eligible. How is my award amount calculated?
This award will only cover up to the cost of tuition after most other grants and scholarships have been applied. The cost of fees, room, and meal plans are not covered by this scholarship.
Does SUNY Delhi offer scholarships?
Yes, Presidential & Residential, Merit and Campus-based scholarship opportunities are available.
Why am I being asked to submit documents such as tax returns when I already submitted this information on my FAFSA?
If your FAFSA is selected for review in a process called ‘Verification’ or your application requires supplemental documentation, we must collect and review the required items to determine your finalized financial aid amounts prior to disbursement.  Visit our Verification resource page for more information.
How do I make sure my financial aid will process on time?
Apply early and check your Bronco Web (navigation instructions for Bronco Web are available here), along with your SUNY Delhi email account, regularly to see if you have any outstanding requirements that may hold your aid from processing. Semester bills are due before each semester begins.
When and how will I receive my semester bill?
Students will have access to their semester bill online (only) through their Bronco Web account.  Typically, bills are available at least 30 days prior to the start of the upcoming semester, if registered for classes. Students may give access to individuals as 'Authorized Payers' to receiving billing email notifications, access to view the bill and make payments.
Are all fees mandatory?
To view a list of fees and to determine if the charge is mandatory or optional, visit the Tuition & Fees web page. To waive optional fees by the published deadline (for each semester), visit the Optional Fee Waiver web page.  
Are my books and supplies included in the bill?
No. Books and supplies are non-billable, out-of-pocket costs. You should plan to pay for these prior to the start of each semester.
Am I guaranteed a refund?

No. If the accepted and finalized financial aid does not exceed the semester charges, a refund will not be issued. In this case, a balance may be due.

Can I borrow all the loans in my name (the student)?
Federal regulations limit how much a student can borrow in federal student loans each year. If additional financing is needed, a Federal Parent Plus loan or private student loan (with a co-signer) may be an option. You can view more information on our Loan Program web page
My financial aid will not cover all of my costs. Can my parent borrow a loan to help pay?
Parents may apply for a Federal Parent Plus loan. The application will require a ‘hard inquiry’ credit check.  If money is borrowed, the parent is responsible for repaying the loan. For application information, visit our Federal Direct Parent Plus Loan Instruction web page
I accepted my federal student loans on Bronco Web. Do I have to do anything else?
First-time student loan borrowers must also complete Entrance Counseling and a Master Promissory Note (MPN) at the Federal Student Aid website prior to SUNY Delhi processing and disbursing the loan.
Can I change my meal plan?
Yes. Students can change their meal plan typically up to the end of the second Friday of classes. Changes can be made online through the Student Housing Management System (HMS) at CADI's Dining Plan Options web page. Dates are subject to change due to COVID-19.
Is my financial aid impacted if I receive poor grades?
Yes. Not only must you meet the minimum requirements to remain a SUNY Delhi student, your financial aid is contingent upon certain requirements, including GPA and earned credit hours. View our policy on Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and Good Academic Standing (GAS) for more information.
How do I qualify for financial aid as in independent student?
The dependency requirements are different for federal and state aid programs.  Both applications typically provide the opportunity to answer dependency questions to help determine if you qualify to submit your application without parent information. 
Students requesting independence for federal aid should refer to our Request for Independence form after submitting the FAFSA. For NYS aid, the Higher Educational Service Corporation (HESC) will make a dependency determination after submitting the TAP application.  Supporting documentation may be requested.  
What if my family has a special financial circumstance and the information reported on my FAFSA is now different?
We suggest that the student and/or parent review our Special Condition web page for information on how to being the process.  The Special Condition process typically includes a re-evaluation of the information listed on the FAFSA.  Supporting documentation is typically required and varies by circumstance. 
What is Bank Mobile and why do I need to set up a refund preference? 
SUNY Delhi has partnered with Bank Mobile to bring you a secure and timely method of receiving a refund from the college, if eligible. All students are encouraged to set up a preference (direct deposit to an existing bank account or a Bank Mobile Vibe Account), regardless if they are anticipating a refund or not. For more information, visit our College & Financial Aid Refund web page
Does SUNY Delhi offer a payment plan? 
Yes! Students and authorized payers have the option to enroll for scheduled payments offered in our payment plan. Review our Online Services / Payment Plan web page for information including deadlines and payment methods.
Are there financial aid and billing deadlines?


There are various financial aid deadlines and they depend on the type of aid program (federal, state or institutional).  To avoid missing out on aid opportunities, students are encouraged to apply for financial aid and complete all requested items before the academic year begins.  

There are times when a student will  be asked to submit documents during the academic year. For some financial aid sources, this information must be submitted before the students stops attending, whether it is before the semester ends or when leaving college early.  Late submissions or submissions near the end of the term may result in ineligibility for financial aid.

There are also billing deadlines.  Before the start of each semester, registered students and Authorized Payers will be notified by email when their billing statement is available.  Semester bills are due before classes begin.  

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