Scholarship Policies

Each year, a select number of students are offered and accept scholarships through SUNY Delhi, College Association at Delhi, Inc. (CADI), The College Foundation and College Advancement. The scholarship type and amount varies on the specific award. The terms of the award to receive and be renewed are listed below (unless specifically stated otherwise in award letter). Questions or requests for further information may be directed to the Scholarship Coordinator at


All awards are subject to available funding levels.  Scholarships are awarded by the scholarship committee and by various campus departments and offices.  Eligibility is determined by institutional data, financial records, and academic records.

Confirming Eligibility Requirements

For incoming, first-time students scholarship recipients, high school transcripts submitted with admission application will be used along with official SAT and/or ACT scores to confirm eligibility.

On-Campus Residency

Students receiving a Gold, Green, or Bronco merit-based scholarship or Residential Student Success Grant are required to reside on campus in the residence halls during the fall and spring semesters, and all subsequent semesters, to receive the scholarship. Failure to do so will result in the immediate loss of the scholarship for the current and all subsequent semesters.

Campus Involvement

It is expected and encouraged that all scholarship recipients will be active members of the campus community. Scholarship recipients are expected to serve as role models for their peers and actively participate and contribute to campus life through the various clubs and organizations recognized by our Student Government.

Full-time Study Status

Scholars must maintain full-time status (minimum 12 credits per semester) each fall and spring semester while receiving a scholarship, unless otherwise stated in award criteria. Students taking or reducing their academic load to less than full-time study will lose eligibility for the scholarship for the current and all subsequent semesters.

Grade Point Average

Fall semester first-year students must meet academic eligibility (GPA) for the specific scholarship by the end of the spring semester, and at the end of every semester thereafter. Continuing students receiving awards must meet academic eligibility for the specific scholarship at the end of each academic semester.

Continuous Attendance

Scholars are expected to maintain continuous attendance for the fall and spring semesters for the duration of their scholarships. Those separating from the college or taking a leave of absence will forfeit eligibility for the scholarship and may not regain eligibility if they return in a subsequent semester.

Event Attendance

There may be occasions where scholarship recipients are invited or required to attend functions such as receptions, honors, award ceremonies, etc. Absences from mandatory events must be excused prior to the events. Excused absence requests will be submitted to the Scholarship Coordinator at

Filing of Financial Aid Applications

The college may require scholarship recipients to apply for federal and state aid by filing both the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), NYS Tuition Assistance Application (TAP) and other required forms by the published recommended deadlines.

Loss of Eligibility

It is the recipient’s responsibility to be familiar with the terms and conditions of this scholarship policy and their award letter regarding specific scholarship criteria. Recipients will not receive warnings or notifications for failing to meet terms and conditions. The college reviews terms and conditions on a continual basis, except for GPA requirements.

*Please note: Failure to adhere to the terms and conditions may not occur immediately and may be discovered after existing or new disbursements have been applied.  In this instance, the removal of a scholarship will be pro-rated at the point of the current academic semester. 

Students who withdraw or take a leave of absence before the published date each semester, at which time a student incurs full tuition liability, will lose scholarship funding. Students who withdraw or take a leave of absence after that date will retain scholarship funding for that semester.


It is expected that all scholarship recipients will adhere to the Student Code of Conduct and all college policies. They are expected to foster integrity, civility and justice. Scholarship students subject to disciplinary action may lose their scholarship eligibility as a result.

Approved on: (5/18/2020)

Office of Admissions

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