Mayor's Task Force

Mayor's Task Force

The Mayor's Task Force, under the direction of Mayor Richard Maxey, is comprised of staff members of SUNY Delhi, student leaders, local business owners, local law enforcement and local residents.

The Mayor's Task Force meets to collaborate on current trends and works to resolve issues facing SUNY Delhi and the community. Minutes from meetings are posted on this page below.

Meeting Notes

Rich Maxey, Martin Pettit, Al Perkins, Sebastian Ruiz, John Padovani, Lacey Williams, Elizabeth Hoyt, Will Outsen, Michele DeFreece, Kathrine Garcia, Shannon Marlow-McCowin, Randy Shepard, Tyson Robb, Tom Liddle, Barbara Jones, Kathy Mario, Tomas Aguirre, Tyreek King, Mike Mills, Larry Mannolini.


  • Mayor Maxey welcomed the group and opened up the meeting.
  • Martin Pettit, Chief of University Police, shared that 30 new cameras have been installed on campus and the department has several new officers. The collaborative Livescan purchase is still being finalized. This is a quick way to scan fingerprints and check for priors benefiting both the University Police & the Village of Delhi.
  • Al Perkins, Delhi Deputy Supervisor & Business Owner, thanks the college for the support in finalizing the Community Pool project. Summer swim lessons went great. We are learning how to winterize the pool and keep it in the best condition
  • Sebastian Ruiz, Student Senate President, said the semester has been going very smoothly and is appreciative of all the support from the community.
  • John Padovani, Assistant Vice President for Student Life, announced that Bluestone, the restaurant at the College Golf Course is officially open. Hours of operation will change depending on off-season, the semester and during the summer months. Barnes & Noble Café, located in Farrell Center, is open to the public. Sebastian states that students do love the new venue, although any sort of transition and change comes with some getting used to.
  • Lacey Williams, Director of Student Rights & Responsibilities, mentioned the increase in alcohol transports. The Alcohol & Other Drug Committee has been proactively responding, and educational conversation had with these students reflect a lack of education on the effects of alcohol on the body. Additional ideas are adding an online SPARK Course to educate students and increase the outreach during Welcome Weekend. Disorderly Conduct cases have also seen an increase. Lacey is working with preemptive education and assisting students with navigating conflict resolution, and the differences between retaliation and defense. The September Mandatory Off-Campus Student meeting had low attendance, and without any real consequence for non-compliance is it difficult to get students to attend. Suggestion would be to capture students who apply to live off campus successfully complete and online module and have a conversation regarding being a good neighbor and the general guidelines for being a Village Resident. In the past, contacting the landlords was a good strategy, but with the new online rental system, targeting that population is difficult.
  • Tomas Aguirre, Vice President for Student Life & Chief Diversity Officer, mentioned the assessment of student feedback regarding the very intense Welcome Weekend schedule. In an effort to capture all of the topics described, we are moving to a Thursday Move-In Day.
  • Elizabeth Hoyt, Village Resident and Student Life Office Administrative Assistant, everything is No complaints at home or at work.
  • Will Outsen, Main St. Cards & Gifts Business Owner and Delaware County Community Action Network Founder, says all the students seem very friendly this year and all interactions are positive. There have been a few business owners changes, a new pizza place is arriving (hopefully) soon, a new Hair Salon and a Real Estate Agency. A thank you to OCCE for coming up with assistance for the annual Pumpkin Paintin & Scarecrow Makin Event that took place in the Courthouse Square last week. Thanks to Tomas & John for donating the picnic tables to the outdoor space at the Community Pool, to be used next summer. For now they will be used at Sheldon Park for Ice Skating.
  • Michele DeFreece, O’Connor Center for Community Engagement, has Community Assistances who assist with strengthening on and off-campus partnerships. There has been an increase interest in wanting to do more community services among the Club & Organizations. Michele is working with community partners to better educate them on creating purposeful interactions that come with requesting student service. We want individuals to be exposed to a diverse community and help develop additional skills. NCAA Athletic Teams, on a rotating basis, have been undergoing Sunday Community Services efforts every week. Requests for community service are taken through an online form. Individuals can call Michele and she will send them information through email.
  • Kathrine Garcia, Community Assistant, EOP Mentor, MIU Member, Vice President for Greek Council, assisted with the successful Halloween gathering last evening at the Delhi Fire Department, reported on the most recent service: UDE Andes book move, Humane Society dogs walkers and cat trainers, September KSE Out of the Darkness Walk, Cantribute event (which raised 2200 cans and $3000). Regalia has upgrade to the Student Ready Store, focusing on providing professional attire for students and now includes a Food Bank.
  • Welcome to Shannon Marlow-McCowin, Assistant Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life. New member process is currently taking place with about 50 students crossing out of 130 who applied. Organizations are keeping in touch with those individuals who did not make the cut for academic reasons, and stressing the importance of being a student first, and potentially joining at a later date. 3 organizations are applying to become recognized, which would give us 19 total Greek Organizations on campus. Tomas mentioned the differences between a National, Regional & Local chapter and there different set of needs each groups requires to be successful. Though Shannon’s leadership, we hope to instill a better foundation of leadership and facilitate a long, healthy term for every organization.
  • Randy Shepard, Business Owners and new Village Resident, was invited by Mayor Maxey to become familiar with group and hopefully be more involved in the future.
  • Tyron Robb, County Solid Waste Management & Village Resident, expressed his love for this group and the power of communication it allows the college and the community. Tyson met with the Green Team recently regarding the poor quality waste stream coming from the college. There are tours of the facility available, and Tyson is able to provide information during Orientation for new students to be familiar with their process, and how to better sort their trash. There are bins on Page Ave for paper and cardboard for Village Resident usage. An idea was suggested for student leaders to be more involved in education their peers. Feel free to call 607-865-5800, which is the Department of Public Works general number and ask for Tyson or the Solid Waste department. The recent Clean sweet event was successful and it was suggested to have those events more often.
  • Tom Liddle, Code Enforcement of Delhi, echoed the earlier comment regarding the low attendance at the Off-Campus Meeting and how that effects the cleanliness, the noise levels and the safety issues of our off- campus student population. Tom is in the process of doing inspections and as usual, he finds many smoke detectors disabled. This is a community issue and a resident safety issue. Properties do get tickets by the Code Enforcement, but perhaps there needs to be a more severe consequence. Tom also mentioned a recent issue with a large group of students walking in dark clothing on a dark street. It was suggested these students use flashlights to see better, and to be better seen. Michele mentioned that reflector vests are available at the OCCE as needed.
  • Mike Mills, Chief of Delhi Police, reports there has been nothing overly unusual about the start of the semester. There have been continuous issues at Air BnB rentals and parties. When parties are broken up outside the village, and a large group of students then enter the village, it can always be an issue. For the most part all students encountered have been respectful and understand why the officers have The Delhi Police had some members retires, and new full-time and part-time officers start recently, including a K9 unit.
  • Barbara Jones, Village Board Member, recalls the first Mayor’s Task Force meeting and is proud to listen to how far this group has come, and the positive conversations we are all having. Barb agrees that student leaders hold a set of skills that would be beneficial to educate their peers about recycling and community living. The comprehensive zoning plan for village was last done in 2011. Sometime soon this report will be revisited. A Bicentennial Committee will be formed to begin planning the celebration of Delhi’s 200thyear in 2021.
  • Kathy Mario, Village Residence & College Council Member, thanks the college for the increase in Voter Engagement and Voter Registrations from members of the college community. As always, she appreciates these conversations.
  • Tyreek King, DOE Member, Greek Council President, Alumni Student Supervisor, is happy to be attending his first meeting, and to hear about concerns that he believes can be addressed. Tyreek suggested talking to all students about community service efforts, not just those who are in a club, organization are on a team. There is untapped potential for engaged individuals that aren’t benefiting a club. Tyreek wishes more student could hear the positive feedback and learn about all the things we are doing collaboratively behind the scenes.
  • Tomas Aguirre mentioned that SUNY Chancellor Kristina Johnson is putting a focus on Mental Health throughout the system. SUNY Delhi has representatives on important working groups on how to address increase student issues. The SUNY Food Insecurity focus also has driven our campus to make great strides to meet the needs of our students with Regalia. This group is invited to attend an upcoming Food Pantry Challenge at Bluestone where we will be showcasing students and faculty using items typically found in a Food Pantry to make a dish.
  • Mayor Maxey updated the group on recent upgrades (additional cameras, road paving) continuous issues of concern (dark areas and updated outside lighting), future projects (cross-walk replacement, Riverwalk finalization). This area continues to grow and change, we must evolve with it. Rich inquired about the construction at the main campus entrance, referring to our new sign that is a multiple class project. On a final note, Rich let the group know himself, or representatives of the village are always available to attend meetings on campus and are open to communication and discussion at any time.

Rich Maxey, Martin Pettit, Lacey Williams, Matt Kryston, Michele DeFreece, Will Outsen, Elizabeth Hoyt, Kathy Mario, Tomas Aguirre, John Padovani, Tyson Robb, Genevieve Fanfan, Robin, Kendra Murphy, Jillian, Ralph Perez-Rogers

Mayor Rich Maxey welcomed the group and reminded everyone that the beautiful spring weather is on the way. We all want to be conscience of loud gatherings and remember to be good neighbors. As of April 1, parking on the village streets will be allowed

  • Chief Martin Pettit was happy to report that is has been a fairly uneventful semester. The University Police Department and the Village Police Department are looking to make several purchases (Live Scan, New Data Master) for both departments to utilize. University Police will move to Evenden Tower for about a year before the final place will be
  • Lacey Williams, Director of Student Rights & Responsibilities, spoke about programming efforts of the Alcohol and Other Drug Committee (AOD). A program will take place on campus, April 18 at 12noon in Farrell Center, to educate on how marijuana legalization could impact fields in New York State. Community members are invited to attend. AOD is looking to develop a harm reduction model to talk about the topic and allow students to make educated
  • Matt Kryston, Delhi Town Council, discussed the recent Housing Study grant. A report will be generated to determine the need for quality housing in Delhi, and will hopefully attract people to build in this area. A thank you to the Construction Management students who presented their impressive and professional renderings of the town court building rearrangement. Matt also commented how successful the Junior Broncos program went with the youth in the area. The Pool should be open this summer!
  • Michele DeFreece, O’Connor Center, updated the group about events happening on and off-campus. April 20 Earth Day Community Service Day, with the hope of shifting this to be the larger Community Service event for the year (from the fall). Any suggestions for service, please contact the OCCE. Relay for Life, April 27 in Walton, NY will have Alex Douglas, SUNY Delhi Alumnus and Student Senate Finance Clerk, as the Master of Ceremony. April 30 is the next campus Blood Drive. The campus was the inaugural SUNY-wide Got Your Back campaign to assemble and donate survivors of sexual assault, with over 2000 bags made. The St. Patrick’s Day parade was successful with Greek Life getting 2nd for Spirit, and the College Players receiving 1st place for creativity. Michele is working with residence life to get students on campus over the summer to commit to service hours, perhaps at Fair on the
  • Will Outsen, Business Owner, shared his and the other local business owners appreciation of community service. Delaware County Community Action Network (DCCAN) continues to provide their annual events with the enthusiastic help of OXO & LAU. The student assistance makes every event (Pumpkin’ Painting, Wreath Making, Humane Society Tree, Fundraiser Dinner)
  • Kathy Mario, College Council, had a question about a potential green space in town and what is being done to increase sustainability efforts. The College Association at Delhi, Inc. (CADI) has always worked towards sustainability. Most recently, paper straws are no longer in use on campus, papers bags are used instead of plastic, all to go containers are biodegradable, and water filtration devices have increased in number across the campus. Collaborative efforts with a local farmer to utilize leftover food continue to benefit for both
  • Tomas Aguirre, Vice President for Student Life & Chief Diversity Officer, discussed the recent crisis on campus and the global epidemic of mental health. Our current procedures and team leaders worked
  • Recently the college has looked into more QPR Training (Question, Persuade, Response) for the student- staff, and eventually all students. Empowering people and education them on the resources available is a constant undertaking that is necessary. Tomas also mentioned the pitfalls and issues with social media and how combating comments, conversations and posts online can interfere with crisis management. A crisis impacts many people, and the college appreciates the support the community gave in this time, but asks that people think before they post, and not to get caught up in rumor before knowing the facts.
  • John Padovani, Assistant Vice President of Student Life, reminded the group that Fall Housing season has begun. Students are looking at all options of housing, and can live off campus, but they must apply to be removed from their housing contract. Discover Delhi Days are beginning, and Bronco Ready Days start next month. Hundreds of prospective and incoming students will be on campus. Welcome to Ralph Perez- Rogers, our new Executive Director of CADI. Development of the new restaurant down at Café on the Green is
  • Tyson Robb, Village Resident, recently took a new job as the county-solid waste
  • Genevieve Fanfan, Student Senate President, announced the election process for new Student Senate E- Board Members is underway. The Spring Concert planning is almost
  • Robin Hultenius, Village Council & Delaware National Bank representative, let everyone know about the Open House at Rachel’s Framing & Art this Saturday to showcase the Construction Management work that Matt was talking about
  • Kendra Murphy, Assistant Director of Student Activities & Greek Life Advisor, has been busy educating unrecognized organizations on the value of becoming recognized. Organizations are learning about the benefits, support and professional development they will be privy
  • Jillian McCarthy, Greek Life Student President, talked about the standards packets, education, philosophy and diversity events put on by each group every semester. Greek organizations all include an academic assistance piece in their bylaws and a complete a huge amount of community service. Greek week begins on Monday, April
  • Larry Mannolini, Director of the Center for Student Leadership & Engagement, mentioned the Spring Carnival, taking place on May 2. Kunsela Pool is now under the CSLE umbrella to increase usage of the pool and utilization of the space for programming all year. Lifeguard training is underway, and a question was raised with regards to the necessary age for lifeguards to work at the local pool and if students taking the course (some are 16) would be eligible to work over the summer. Will Outsen is on the Pool Planning Committee and will find
  • Mayor Maxey mentioned a suggestion for an electronic message board at the college entrance to allow all community members to know about upcoming events. Municipalities would pitch in for the cost. Village elections recently took place with new members beginning on April 1. Mayor Maxey updated the groups on upcoming roadwork, and village water upgrades. Mayor Maxey wants to thank the college and its students for lending their expertise, education and experience to the town and the village. As a community, we continue to improve on building strategic partnerships and collaborative

Rich Maxey, Tomás Aguirre, Martin Pettit, Mike Mills, Bill Cairns, Genevieve Fanfan, Larry Mannolini, John Padovani, Lacey Williams, Michele DeFreece, Janet Tweed, Joel Smith, Kathy Mario, Will Outsen, Elizabeth Hoyt, Matt Kryston, Tom Little, Tyson Robb, Kendra Murphy

  • Mayor Maxey welcomed everyone. This group continues to meet and explore ways to collaborate between our communities. We use this space as a way to share accomplishments, keep each other updated on changes, and bring up any
  • Tomás Aguirre, Vice President for Student Life & Chief Diversity Officer, said thank you to the town for the new crosswalk from Park Place, across Sheldon Dr. As the number of school aged children increase on that block, it was an important safety measure. The town and Delaware Academy responded enthusiastically and quickly. Tomás is continually impressed with the connection of the college and the village community. We continue to educate all students on the importance of being respectful community members.
  • The College is working on establishing worthwhile pathways for all Greek organizations to be recognized. Kendra Murphy, Greek Council Advisor and Assistant Director of Student Activities, educates all groups on the values of being recognized, including the support systems available, the importance of building community partnerships and developing this type of culture on campus. It is important to know that the term “unrecognized” is not synonymous with “disobedient”. A question was raised regarding limits of how many organizations could be on campus. Larry Mannolini, Director of the Center for Student Leadership & Engagement, stated that there is no limit, as long as Student Senate continues to fund the necessary insurance for each group. There is one policy for Greek organizations, and another policy for Student
  • The University Police (UP) & the Village of Delhi Police Department continue to work together, including collaborative trainings. North Hall will undergo a complete renovation to transform into the Admission Welcome Center. UP will be temporarily located on the first floor of Evenden Tower by April
  • Chief Mills mentioned the low number of off-campus student incidents and in every case, individuals were very
  • Bill Cairns, Delhi Town Council & Delhi Fire Department, sent a shout out to Michele DeFreece, O’Connor Center Senior Staff Associate, the Community Assistants and the O’Connor Center for stepping up and making this year’s Halloween Event a huge
  • Genevieve Fanfan, Student Senate President, has heard that relationships between the College and the community continue to be strengthened. The College wants to do more outreach to invite the community to events. The College already utilizes the Kiosk on Main St., the Price Chopper message board, and local church boards. Bronco Connect is the online engagement platform that requires no sign in to see open events, however, Kathy Mario, Village Resident, mentioned that many seniors are unable to navigate the internet. A suggestion was made to contact the Senior Center, Office for the Aging, and groups in the community to pass along event information. Kathy has heard that individuals with handicapped parking needs find that college lacking in available spots. Additional suggestions were valet parking, ads in the County Shopper and the Walton Reports, and the use of social media. Kudos to Christina Viafore, CADI Human Resources Director, who does a tremendous job sharing events online, along with all of the wonderful things the campus and the community are a part
  • The College Association at Delhi, Inc. (CADI) Board of Directors approved the inclusion of Barnes & Noble Café, a franchise, for campus. This venue will be located in Farrell, where the student mailboxes currently are, which will be relocated to the Student Level of Farrell. John Padovani, Assistant Vice
  • President for Student Life, stated this 12-month operation, holding longer hours and with outside entrance will be operational by Fall 2019. John also mentioned the shift to the online 3rd party vendor for Off- Campus Housing options continues to be beneficial. This system allows landlords to add amenities to their listings. Any revoked permits will be communicated to Residence Life.
  • Lacey Williams, Director of Student Rights & Responsibilities, has met with a low number of off-campus students this semester. Sanctions for violations include an online class about community living, and reference material similar to the what is covered during the Mandatory Off-Campus Community Meeting in September. Lacey has been educating on the definition of the word “arrested” as some students seem confused to what exactly that looks like. An idea to utilize restorative justice for certain violations includes members of the college and the community have a dialogue to explain how actions and words can be disruptive and to allow the group to determine appropriate sanction. Mayor Maxey would like to work closer with Lacey to assist with off-campus students sanctioned with community service to be more diligent with follow
  • The O’Connor Center for Community Engagement (OCCE) just celebrated their 20th year of service for Delhi. Michele has worked hard to change the role of educators and communities members with the students. We must be intentional to introduce and practice soft skills with students while completing community service. The idea is for projects to be completed together, building partnerships, creating opportunity for resume building and recommendations. Matt Kryston, Town Council & Village Resident, commended Michele for this intentional educational piece. It is an important part of the experience. Kathy shared an anecdote of leadership and project completion by a group of students. Michele also mentioned the shift of Regalia, the campus used clothing store, offerings to be a professional attire shop for students. Included in this space is now the state mandated Food
  • Janet Tweed, Town Council Member & Village Resident, was glad to assist registered students on Election Day reach the polls so they could vote. Some students who required provisional ballots were driven to the Board of Elections is needed. Students mentioned to Janet that this was the first time they were voting in Delhi and they are glad they did. Thanks to Elizabeth Hoyt, Assistant to the Vice President for Student Life & Chief Diversity Officer, who set up van and shuttle rides for members needing to get to the polls in her new role as the Campus Voter Engagement
  • After the winter months, the Community Pool construction project will continue. Additional projects in the community involve the expansion of Café on the Green, as a 12-month student run restaurant. The continuing movement on the land swap of the Brown Athletic Fields from the Foundation to SUNY in order to build a hotel for the Hospitality & Resort Management Department. The solar array contract is still being looked
  • Will Outsen, Main St. Cards & Gifts business owner would like to publicly thank LAU & OXO for their continued and dedicated support of Delaware County Community Action Network. These two groups of students have been monumental in the success at annual community
  • Matt Kryston mentioned the student behavior in the community continues to improve. Chamber meetings take place every first Tuesday of the month at 9:30am, and campus members are encouraged to attend. Faculty have instructed students to attend in the past, which is a great opportunity for them and for the Chamber members. There is a desire to have students attend off-campus events, and to have local businesses meet the needs of students but outreach has been difficult and attendance nil. Conversely, Bronco Athletic Teams have attended Delaware Academy games and it has been a huge deal for the High School students. Suggestion for Matt to speak to Cathy Foto, Associate Athletic Director, who is developing programming. The ice rink in Sheldon Park will be open this winter, and thanks to the volunteer college students it will be cleaned off and ready after each snowfall. Matt brought up the lack of professional staff housing offerings. Mayor Maxey mentioned a survey to determine occupancy and current
  • Tom Little, Code Enforcer, appreciates the opportunity to attend the September Off-Campus Meeting. There is always a concern that not all students are attending this mandatory event. A number of important rules, regulations, college and village laws are shared and it is essential that all off-campus students hear this information. Tom told a recent story of students with dismantled fire detectors in a most recent inspection. The high level of safety issues that this poses for the students, and the adjoining homes cannot be educated on enough. John reminded the group that we are, by law, not able to be involved with off- campus student and landlord issues. Suggestion to have landlords attend the September Off-Campus Meeting next
  • Tyson Robb, Village Resident, is amazed with the amount of community service he has seen by the college students from cleaning the local parks to Habitat for Humanity. Tyson would like to see more local business be utilized and although the new restaurant, coffee shop and hotel are wonderful additions to the community, how will that effect the small local shops that are already here? Tyson also mentioned that near his home, individuals with the money to purchase flip and rent to students is increasing. There is a great financial need for younger community members to live in
  • Mayor Maxey updated the group on changes to the village line in all directions. Surveyors have been hired to map the new village. The Riverwalk project will be moving into the next phase, along with improvements scheduled for the Village Parking Lot, and basketball courts, and additional amenities for Hoyt Park. NYSEG has just approved the usage of LED’s and Delhi is on the calendar for replacements, with no specific timeframe for completion. As a reminder, there is no overnight parking on village streets starting December 1 through April 1 from 2am-6am.

Upcoming Events

  • College Player’s: Rocky Horror Picture Show - Friday, November 16-Sunday, November 18
  • Holiday Bazaar, Farrell Center - Friday, November 30
  • Holiday Parade - Saturday, December 1

Rich Maxey, Sasha Watt, Al Perkins, John Padovani, Kathy Mario, Mike Mills, Tim Hess, Joshua Shank, Kiera Hernandez, Joe Cannova, Michele DeFreece, Will Outsen, Elizabeth Hoyt, Tom Liddell, Michael Laliberte, Tomás Aguirre, Larry Mannolini, Kendra Murphy

  • Mayor Rich Maxey began with a Welcome & Introduction.
  • Michael Laliberte, College President, shared upcoming campus construction projects including new windows and façade for Bush Hall; the transition of North Hall in becoming a new Welcome Center; and the Café on the Green becoming the new home for Signature’s, the student run
  • Larry Mannolini, Director of Student Activities, introduced the new Assistant Director of Student Activities, Kendra Murphy. We look forward to transitioning Kendra into her new role on campus and what she will bring to the SUNY Delhi and local
  • Tomás Aguirre, Vice President for Student Life & Chief Diversity Officer, mentioned the recent loss of Elizabeth Sova. A memorial celebration has been scheduled for Friday, May 4 beginning at 3pm in The Okun Theatre for family, friends, colleagues and community partners. Thank you to Michele DeFreece, who has stepped in as the leader of the O’Connor Center for Community Engagement. We have several new hires in the Student Life Division from Kendra (noted above), to University Police Officers, Student Rights & Responsibilities Director and the Assistant Director of the new Multicultural
  • Sasha Watt, Student Senate President, shared upcoming end of the year events that the college is hosting with the hopes that community members will attend. Sasha also mentioned meeting with the Manager of Price Chopper to discuss products that college students are looking for, that they cannot find in local stores. The Fall 2018 semester will see a new Senate E-board. Congratulations to Sasha who will be graduating this May and continuing her education in graduate
  • Discussion began regarding the abundance of encouraging comments, positive town/gown partnerships, and forward steps that we all have been taking as a combined community. Mayor Maxey recently attended a Student Senate meeting to discuss student concerns. It was a positive conversation and Rich reminded the group that any issues that arise or any questions that need to be answered should always be addressed asked in order to convey the correct information and do what we can as a community. Tomás mentioned a recent Alumni event with two graduates from 1968 who shared their experiences of attending SUNY Delhi. In the stories they shared, they menion the good ties between the college and the community even 50 years
  • Al Perkins, Delhi Deputy Supervisor, was at an enlightening Chamber meeting where students attended to discuss their needs and what the local community can provide. Al suggested having a student attend all the Chamber Meetings to better establishing open conversation between both parties. Kathy Mario, Village Resident, believes this would be a great idea and commented that relationships between people are stronger when we meet face to face and we know each other’s names. Sasha suggested a Student Senator. Michele DeFreece suggested the Community Outreach Assistants. Al updated the group on the community pool and how it is really happening! Eric Robert’s company, Schoolhouse Construction, will
  • be overseeing the construction and we have the green light from New York State Parks & Recreation. We are looking to have a mid-May ground breaking ceremony with 180 days construction. The Grand Opening will be in Spring 2019. Saturday, May 5 there is a fundraiser scheduled at the American Legion from 7pm-10pm. Al is also the President of the Cannon Free Library Board of Trustees. The Library recently celebrated its 100th year anniversary.
  • John Padovani, Assistant Vice President for Student Life, presented a check on behalf of the college to fund the Community Pool. John also mentioned and shared the instructions on accessing the new system for landlords to post student rental properties online. The program by Housing Registry is free for landlords and easy to
  • Kathy wanted to thank the students who assist in maintaining the ice rick at Sheldon Park. Kathy mentioned the Catskill Mountain Club is looking to assist with the upkeep of the Bramley Mountain Trails when they are open for the
  • Chief Mills, Delhi Police Department, has seen positive trends in the behaviors in the Village with a decrease in nuisance and noise complaints. It has been a wonderful experience to have Criminal Justice Students interning at the department. Lt. Hess concurs with the trends and notes a decrease in the amount of village assistance calls. There was a recent party at the Legion held by college students, and heard nothing but positive feedback from local residents regarding behavior and the cleanliness of the 
  • Michele DeFreece, O’Connor Center for Community Engagement, shared upcoming events hosted by the OCCE including Earth Day Clean-ups, Blood Drives and the Elizabeth Sova Memorial Service. Michele also shared dates for annual fall events. Michele would like to thank the Community Outreach Assistants, Joshua Shank & Keira Hernandez for helping her transition into this role. Keira shared what the CA’s have been up to this semester to assist off-campus students and communicating with the local community. Joshua & Keira are both graduating this May and are hoping to find employment in the architecture field. The O’Conner Center is celebrating 20 years in 2018! The fall semester will highlight many service opportunities to mark this.
  • Joe Cannova, Greek Council President, is excited for the upcoming voting for E-board members to begin. Voting will be taking place through the new online student engagement platform: Bronco Connect. Next week begins Greek Week with several events culminating with the Greek Banquet. Joe is excited to assist Kendra transition into her new role as the Greek Life advisor. Joe also thanked Larry for assisting in that role while the search for the open position was happening. End of the semester events are also plentiful with activities such as the DOE Founders event, UDE Diversity Week, TDX Softball Tournament, and Beta Kappa Zi celebrating their 10th
  • Tom Liddle, Delhi Code Enforcer, mentioned the positive outcomes of the Off-Campus Student Meeting in September. Meeting with students face to face is beneficial. Tom reminds everyone that after a long winter campus and community members will be opening windows and spending more time outside. Always remember to be mindful of your
  • Mayor Maxey concluded the meeting with updates on Village construction projects, thanked everyone for attending and is looking to continue moving forward together.