General Education

General Education

SUNY Delhi is part of the State University of New York (SUNY), a 64-campus university system governed by the SUNY Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees requires that all SUNY schools incorporate General Education (Gen Ed) requirements into Associate in Arts (AA), Associate in Science (AS), baccalaureate (BBA, BS, and BT) degree programs. All entering freshmen who plan to earn one or more of these degrees from SUNY Delhi must meet these requirements.

Students must take courses as indicated in the following ten areas:

  • Four required areas: Basic Communication (GE 10), Mathematics (GE 1), American History (GE 4), Natural Sciences (GE 2)
  • At least one of these areas: Social Sciences (GE 3), Western Civilization (GE5)
  • At least one of these areas: Humanities (GE7), The Arts (GE 8)
  • At least one of these areas: Foreign Language (GE9), Other World Civilizations (GE 6)

Associate-level degrees require at least 21 general education credits. Bachelor-level degrees require 30 general education credits. If you complete all 30 credits in seven or more SUNY-GER knowledge and skills areas (including the two required areas), you will have met the SUNY-General Education Requirements at every SUNY campus. If you complete the right SUNY-GER courses for your transfer campus and program, you will be making good progress toward your bachelor’s degree. Please remember that in addition to meeting these SUNY Gen Ed requirements, you must also meet SUNY Delhi degree requirements in order to graduate.

If your ultimate educational goal is a Certificate, an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) or an Associate in Occupational Studies (AOS), then the Gen Ed requirements do not apply to you. However, if you plan to transfer to a four year SUNY school, or stay at Delhi for an AS or AA degree or one of our baccalaureate programs, you may be required to meet these requirements before graduating.

It is very important that you meet with your academic advisor early in the semester and on a regular basis to plan the courses you will need to complete your degree. Your academic advisor has a list of the courses that you can take to meet the Gen Ed requirements. Those of you who are continuing your education have already begun the process of taking courses to meet both Gen Ed and SUNY Delhi requirements. Please remember that while your advisor will be very helpful in guiding you through your curriculum, it is ultimately your responsibility to make sure that you meet the requirements for graduation.