Catskill Hall

Catskill Hall

Catskill Hall

Catskill Hall is an upper division Residence Hall available to continuing students, transfer students, and incoming international students. To be eligible to live in Catskill, you must have earned at least 15 academic credits and have no significant judicial history.

Catskill Hall is a 150-bed suite-style residence hall with suites that house 6 residents. There are two types of suites containing either 3 double rooms or 2 double rooms and 2 single rooms. Each suite has a living room, two showers, separate toilet room and 1-2 sinks. The first floor of Catskill has a recreational room with television, pool table and ping pong table. There is also a laundry facility, conference room, and a kitchen area.

Student Bedrooms

Each resident is provided with a mattress, bedframe, desk, desk drawers (moveable), desk chair, lamp and wardrobe. Residents are encouraged to arrange furniture to meet their needs. For more information regarding the bedrooms, please see the Catskill Hall Room Measurement information on the FAQ section of this web page.

Living Room

Each suite has a living room which comes with a loveseat, seat and coffee table. The living room area also has counter space with cabinets above and below it.

Main Entrance

The first floor is the entrance students will use most during the day to go to classes. The Resident Assistant Office is off of the lobby area. The Complex Coordinator's Office is located in the Residence Life Office, 111 Catskill Hall. There are also vending machines located in the lobby.

Laundry Room

The laundry room is on the first floor and is open 24 hours. 

The "Blue Room"

This room serves as Catskill's recreational room. It has a television, ping pong table and pool table. Residents can check out equipment for the games from the Resident Assistant Office.

The Great Room

This room is used by the campus to hold special events. In the evenings, it serves as a quiet study room for Catskill Hall residents. It is also used for Catskill Hall activities and community meetings.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is located off of the Great Room and is available to residents for limited use.

Residence Halls
Catskill HallCatskill Hall

Catskill Hall is an upper division Residence Hall available to continuing students, transfer students, and incoming international students. To be eligible to live in Catskill, you must have at least 15 earned academic credits and no significant judicial history.

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Gerry Hall was the first residence hall built at SUNY Delhi. The building is named after Angelica L. Gerry of Lake Delaware, NY, an individual who had shown great generosity to SUNY Delhi for many years. Gerry is pronounced with a hard "g" sound, not a "j" sound.

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The name of the building is from a local family that has been very generous in their support of SUNY Delhi. The same family runs the "O'Connor Foundation," which is a philanthropic endowment that benefits the residents of Delaware County, NY.

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