Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities

Live Together, Learn Together

SUNY Delhi offers specialized Living Learning Communities where students in the same academic program can benefit from peer tutoring, a quiet study environment, and the support of a close-knit community.

Research shows that living and participating in this kind of focused learning environment leads to higher GPAs and a greater amount of credit hours earned.

Interested in a Living Learning Community? Let us know on your student housing agreement and request form (there is a section addressing Living Learning Communities) and we will do our best to accommodate you. These options are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Many of our living learning communities have a supplemental fee to provide additional support and programming for students in these communities.

First-Year Experience (FYE)

Students in their first year of college will have additional programming and emphasis in the residence halls related to the themes of 1) Academic Success, 2) Building Community, 3) Transition to College, and 4) Success After the First Year of College. 

Veterinary Science Technology 

This unique community is primarily for first-year Veterinary Science Technology students*, with limited space for upperclassmen. It currently covers three floors in Russell Hall 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors, ABC quads. The area offers first-year students assistance from second-year Vet Sci Peer Mentors and Resident Assistants who are academically successful.

  • Peer Mentor Room with educational materials and peer support open nightly
  • Academic and social events specifically for Vet Sci students
  • Organized trips to destinations like the State Police Canine Unit, Philadelphia Zoo, and animal shelters 

*An upperclassman/transfer student option is located at Riverview Townhouses.  Male Veterinary Science and Nursing Majors requesting these areas will be housed on the 3rd floor A quad of Russell Hall.


Russell Hall 1st floor, JKL quads hosts the Living Learning Community. This provides a space where students in SUNY Delhi's demanding Nursing Program can live and learn together within a 24-Hour Quiet Hours Area.  Resources include a Peer Mentor that provides in-hall study support.

*Male Veterinary Science and Nursing Majors requesting these areas will be housed on the 3rd floor A quad of Russell Hall.

Men of Distinction Academy

The Men of Distinction Academy seeks to enhance the academic, personal, and social experiences of Men of Color. Residents engaging in the Living Learning Community on the first floor of DuBois Hall will be exposed to various leadership development initiatives designed to understand the various experiences among Men of Color. In addition to the housing application, students must apply to the Men of Distinction Academy through the MOSAIC Multicultural Center.  


This Living Learning Community provides programming for residents around the themes of LGBTQ+Ally issues and social justice. Residents have the opportunity to live with individuals of any gender or gender identity within the same room and quad in Russell Hall on the 4th Floor, D & E quads. Students have access to both single use bathrooms and gender inclusive bathrooms in this area. Students opting to live in this area will sign a Statement of Understanding prior to moving in.

Gender Inclusive Housing

Residents have the opportunity to live with someone from across the gender spectrum within the same room and quad. This offering is in in Russell Hall 3rd and 4th floors, F quads and an option at Catskill Hall and Riverview Townhouses. Bathrooms are single use bathrooms in this area. Students opting to live in this area will sign a Statement of Understanding prior to moving in.

24-Hour Quiet Hours

Students who are looking for a quieter area all of the time may select to live in this environment, currently in Russell Hall on the 3rd floors, JKL quads.  While we strive to create a quiet environment in this area, the area is still located within a larger residence hall.

Residence Halls
Catskill HallCatskill Hall

Catskill Hall is an upper division Residence Hall available to continuing students, transfer students, and incoming international students. To be eligible to live in Catskill, you must have at least 15 earned academic credits and no significant judicial history.

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Gerry HallGerry Hall

Gerry Hall was the first residence hall built at SUNY Delhi. The building is named after Angelica L. Gerry of Lake Delaware, NY, an individual who had shown great generosity to SUNY Delhi for many years. Gerry is pronounced with a hard "g" sound, not a "j" sound.

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DuBois HallDubois Hall

DuBois Hall is named after the second President of SUNY Delhi, who served from 1917 to 1929, and it is pronounced "doo-boys." DuBois Hall houses 235 students in an L-shaped building. Student rooms are located along both sides of long corridor hallways. 

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Murphy HallMurphy Hall

Murphy Hall is the sister building to O'Connor Hall. It is a four-story residence hall with a large lounge in the center of the building. Student rooms are located along the corridors with four common bathrooms and shower facilities per floor.

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O'Connor HallO'Connor Hall

The name of the building is from a local family that has been very generous in their support of SUNY Delhi. The same family runs the "O'Connor Foundation," which is a philanthropic endowment that benefits the residents of Delaware County, NY.

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Russell HallRussell Hall

Russell Hall is the largest residence hall at SUNY Delhi, housing approximately twice as many students as any of the other halls. Despite its overall size, there are small, close-knit environments on each floor

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Riverview Townhouses"Riverview
Riverview Townhouses is an upper division community located next to Price Chopper (local grocery store). The community is close enough to campus but has the feel of off-campus living. Riverview residents are part of the general community of Delhi.Read More About Riverview Townhouses >