Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are room rental rates?

You can find the current room rates on the Student Accounts web page.

What is in the room?

  • 1 extra-long twin bed per person
  • 1 set of dresser drawers per person
  • 1 desk and chair per person
  • closet for hanging clothes
  • blinds on windows
  • 1 floor lamp per room
  • 1 wastebasket per room
  • free wireless internet access

What are the dimensions of my room?

You can find the dimensions of your room and the window sizes here (doc).

What should I bring with me from home?

Here is a suggested list of what to bring.

What is not allowed in the residence halls?

A more complete list is available in the Housing Policy Guide. A few items are:

  • candles, incense, halogen lamps, space heaters, extension cords, any unsafe or defective equipment deemed a fire hazard in accordance with the New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control
  • appliances (grills, hotplates, coffee pots, water-coolers, etc.)
  • firearms or weapons of any kind, BB guns, air pistols, paintball guns
  • pets, other than fish in a 10-gallon or smaller tank
  • fireworks, free weights, overstuffed furniture, skateboards

Fire Hazard: This colorful lamp (pdf) has already caused problems on various campuses, with close calls regarding fires and toxic fumes. Please, do not bring this lamp to campus. If Residence Life staff find this lamp in a student room, it will be confiscated in accordance with campus Fire Safety Standards as outlined in the Housing Policy Guide, with possible judicial action to follow.

Can I have a refrigerator or microwave?

The following are allowed in student rooms:
  - One microwave per room, 1.1 cubic feet or less, 1100 watts or less
  - One refrigerator per room, 4.5 cubic feet or less, 1.5 amp electrical draw or less
  - One microfridge (combination refrigerator/microwave)
Students cannot have both a microwave and a microfridge; they cannot have both a refrigerator and a microfridge.
If you prefer to rent a refrigerator or a microfridge, you may contact the Refrigerator Leasing Company, Inc. in Oneonta at 607-431-9525 for more information.

Can I bring a rug?

Yes. None of the student rooms are carpeted.

Can I bring a TV?

Yes. Starting Fall 2020, cable services will no longer be provided to the student rooms.

What is the mattress size?

All beds in the residence halls have extra-long twin mattresses (33"x 81").

Are there cooking facilities available?

Every Residence Hall has a common area kitchen located in them. Use of these kitchens is open to students living in the residence halls when a Resident Assistant is on duty. First priority for use of the kitchens will be given to the residents of the hall. College-recognized groups may reserve the kitchen for use for special events. Reservations and inquiries should be made with the Resident Director of the respective building. The Riverview Townhouses have full kitchens in each townhouse; these kitchens are for the use of the residents of that particular townhouse.

Can I move in early?

No. New students have an assigned time when they can drive up to the residence hall and unload their belongings. You can find out your time by logging in to the Housing Management System the same place you did the online housing contract. You can come later than your assigned time, but not earlier. If you have a later assigned time to unload your belongings, you can still come to campus earlier to buy books, pick up your ID, etc.

If you are part of a special program or sports team, you may have been instructed to arrive early for that purpose. In that case, you should arrive when you were told to arrive for your group.

What is the guest policy?

Students are permitted to have overnight guests over the age of 18 with their roommate's permission. Guests must be registered with the Resident Director of the building 24 hours prior to the guest's arrival to campus and must obtain an Overnight Guest Pass (from the RA or RD). Hosts are responsible for the behavior of their guests (whether staying overnight or not) and may be held judicially accountable if their guests violate college regulations. Overnight guests are limited to a stay of no more than 4 days per month, and no more than two guests during any one visit. 

How do I access the internet in the residence halls?

Check out the MyResNet page for information our wireless internet services.

Where do I do my laundry?

Laundry facilities are provided in each of the residence halls for the residents of that hall. You do not need coins to operate the washers and dryers, but students must provide their own detergents, etc. 

Where do first-year students and returning students live?

Both first year students and returning students reside in all residence halls on campus. The only exception to this is Catskill Hall, which houses only returning students and some entering transfer students.

Are there any non-smoking residence halls?

All residence halls are smoke-free.

Can I have a car on campus?

All students who wish to have a vehicle on campus must purchase a parking permit from University Police. Please call 607-746-4700 for more details.

What forms of public transportation are available?

The Trailways of New York bus station is located at the Sunoco gas station on the corner of Main and Kingston Streets (Highways 10 and 28). Trailways runs local service to Oneonta, as well as to Syracuse, NYC, Albany, and Binghamton. Trailways schedule.

Student Personal Property Insurance

Are you interested in student personal property insurance?

Residence Halls
Catskill HallCatskill Hall

Catskill Hall is an upper division Residence Hall available to continuing students, transfer students, and incoming international students. To be eligible to live in Catskill, you must have at least 15 earned academic credits and no significant judicial history.

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Gerry HallGerry Hall

Gerry Hall was the first residence hall built at SUNY Delhi. The building is named after Angelica L. Gerry of Lake Delaware, NY, an individual who had shown great generosity to SUNY Delhi for many years. Gerry is pronounced with a hard "g" sound, not a "j" sound.

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DuBois HallDubois Hall

DuBois Hall is named after the second President of SUNY Delhi, who served from 1917 to 1929, and it is pronounced "doo-boys." DuBois Hall houses 235 students in an L-shaped building. Student rooms are located along both sides of long corridor hallways. 

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Murphy HallMurphy Hall

Murphy Hall is the sister building to O'Connor Hall. It is a four-story residence hall with a large lounge in the center of the building. Student rooms are located along the corridors with four common bathrooms and shower facilities per floor.

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O'Connor HallO'Connor Hall

The name of the building is from a local family that has been very generous in their support of SUNY Delhi. The same family runs the "O'Connor Foundation," which is a philanthropic endowment that benefits the residents of Delaware County, NY.

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Russell HallRussell Hall

Russell Hall is the largest residence hall at SUNY Delhi, housing approximately twice as many students as any of the other halls. Despite its overall size, there are small, close-knit environments on each floor

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Riverview Townhouses"Riverview
Riverview Townhouses is an upper division community located next to Price Chopper (local grocery store). The community is close enough to campus but has the feel of off-campus living. Riverview residents are part of the general community of Delhi.Read More About Riverview Townhouses >