Apostille Requests

When a document is to be used in another country, it may be necessary to have the document authenticated. This is known either as an “apostille” or “certificate of authentication.” Examples of documents that are frequently authenticated by SUNY Delhi include official transcripts, diplomas, replacement diplomas, and photocopies of diplomas. Click here for an overview of the Apostille process.

The Apostille Process

Step Completed by Notes and Explanations
1. Student

It is the student's responsibility to determine what document your recipient requires. Options include:

  • Official Transcript or
  • Original Diploma or
  • Replacement Diploma or
  • Photocopy of Diploma
    • See notes, below, for instructions on how to request documents.

Once you have determined which document you need to be authenticated, submit the necessary document, paperwork, and payments to the Registrar's Office.

2. Registrar's Office

Verifies the document.

Obtains notarization at no cost to the student.

At this point, the student may pick up the document and manage steps 3 and 4 of the process personally.
3. Delaware County Clerk

Verifies the Notary's signature and stamp.

Supplies the "Certificate of Authenticating Notary."

At the time that this instruction is being written, the fee for this service is $5.00 (US$), payable in cash, check, or money order to the Delaware County Clerk. For updated fees, visit Delaware County Clerk Fees and select "Notary Public" from the drop-down. 

Note: As the Notary will be a Delaware County Notary, this step must be completed at the Delaware County Clerk's office in Delhi, NY.

At this point, the student may pick up the document and manage step 4 of the process personally.
4. New York State Dept of State (NYSDOS)

Verifies the County Clerk's Certificate.

Affixes the Apostille.

The student must fill out an Apostille Request form. The NYSDOS currently charges $10 per document (US$). The request form includes information on how to submit payment (check/money order or credit card information on the form).

Once the Apostille has been affixed, the NYSDOS will return the document to the address on the request form in whatever prepaid/pre-addressed envelope you supply.

You must send a self-addressed, first-class envelope with prepaid postage affixed, wheter if you're having it returned to you by US Mail or a shipping service (such as FedEx, DHL, or UPS).


If the student is managing this process personally, there may be walk-in service available at the NYC and Albany offices; see https://dos.ny.gov/apostille-or-certificate-authentication# for more information.

  • Official Transcript: Click here for instructions on how to order an official transcript.
  • Diploma: Please be aware that the diploma will be destroyed by the Apostille process, as the attestations will be written, stamped, and sealed directly on the document. Your options include:
    • Original Diploma: You would have to send us your diploma to be processed.
    • Photocopy of Diploma: If your recipient will accept a photocopy of your diploma, you must send us a good photocopy.
    • Replacement Diploma: A replacement/duplicate diploma is available for $10 by filling out this online form.
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