Emergency Communication

SUNY Delhi has an emergency communication plan that is part of the college's larger emergency crisis plan. SUNY Delhi's emergency crisis team works with the Office of Marketing and Communications to coordinate the release of all information to the media and other internal and external publics in the event of a major emergency.  For questions, please contact The Office of Marketing and Communications, marketing@delhi.edu, 607-746-4870. 

The Office of Marketing and Communications and SUNY Delhi UPD are authorized to use the automated Rave System on SUNY Delhi's behalf to distribute emergency messages.

Emergency Message Guidelines

The Rave System is only to be used for critical, urgent, and imminent information to members of the college community who have signed up for Rave alerts when normal operations of the campus are substantially and unexpectedly disrupted. 

Examples of Critical, Imminent Information

Inclement weather, utility outages, accidents, and other events and circumstances occasionally cause the college to cancel classes, curtail or suspend services, close offices or buildings, or take other actions to preserve the security of the campus, the safety of its occupants, and/or the public good. SUNY Delhi recognizes the need to broadly and expediently share information about such occurrences and the college’s response to them.

Emergency Message Process

Rave is the college’s primary tool for distributing emergency messages, sent via:

  • emails to registered recipients’ email accounts;
  • voice calls to registered recipients’ phones;
  • texts to registered recipients’ phones;

After attempting to distribute emergency messages through Rave, the college may also distribute urgent messages through official secondary channels, such as:

  • banners on the SUNY Delhi website homepage;
  • emails to all SUNY Delhi email accounts using Delhi Today;
  • voicemails to campus phones; and
  • posts on social media

SUNY Delhi cannot guarantee the distribution of any emergency message through any specific channel, as each situation will be determine when and how messages will be sent.

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