Campus Communication & Mass Email

It is the policy of SUNY Delhi to coordinate mass emails to the entire campus through the Office of Marketing and Communications.

Delhi Today and Bronco Bulletin are our campus communications that highlight events, notices, news, and information for our entire SUNY Delhi community, including students, faculty, and staff.

Delhi Today  for faculty and staff is sent Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in an easy-to-read format as an aggregate listing of information in order to build community through information sharing.

Bronco Bulletin for students is sent Tuesdays and Thursdays. Faculty and staff will also automatically receive the Bronco Bulletin.

It is the responsibility of all members of the Delhi community to take a few minutes each day to read through the postings to become aware of what is happening campus-wide. 

The postings are listed in date and time order, as they are received from the submission form, so as not to prioritize or give favor to any one posting, office, or person.

Newsletter Guidelines

  • Plan ahead and submit your posting 24-48 hours in advance.  The deadline for submissions is 2 p.m. on the business day prior to publication.
  • Newsletters are not published on legal holidays.
  • The event or activity must be sponsored or hosted by the college or college-affiliated club or organization to run in campus newsletters. The Office of Marketing and Communications reserves the right to make decisions on whether messages are appropriate.
  • Attachments cannot be included. Please include a link to a web page that includes additional information about your posting or event. (For events, provide a link to BroncoCONNECT; for surveys, sign-up sheets, order forms, etc., provide a link to a web page that has this information). 
  • Postings are limited to 130 words.  Please make your post as informative and concise as possible.
  • To keep the news fresh, posts can appear a maximum of three times, but no more than twice in one week.  We will do our best to accommodate run date requests.
  • It is the responsibility of the person submitting the message to have prior approval from their supervisor or advisor to run the message, and to ensure all of the information within the message is accurate (names, titles, phone numbers, days of the week, dates, etc.), and that the message has been proofread and links have been checked.  Submitters will be responsible for the content of messages published.
  • Event postings must provide:
    • A start date on which you would like your message to start appearing.
    • The details for the event, including the day and date of the event and time and duration of when the event will be held.
    • Indicate who the event is for and open to in the title (students, faculty, staff, entire campus community, or the off-campus community as well). 
  • Fundraisers: Only approved fundraisers that are organized and overseen by the College Advancement Office may be announced. 
  • Every message must display contact information for the person submitting the post.  This allows individuals who have questions about the post to contact the appropriate person. A supervisor’s contact information must be used in lieu of a student submitter.
  • All messages regarding parking lots must be approved by a College Leadership Team Member and must be approved in EMS prior to submitting.
  • The Office of Marketing and Communications reserves the right to make decisions on the appropriateness of the messages, or to hold a message until confirmation of information can be obtained from the submitter. 
  • Please do not ask for “special favors” for your post.  Submissions are posted in the order in which they are received.  The best way for your post to be at the top of the list is to plan ahead!  The earlier you submit your post, the more likely your post will appear at the top!  Everyone’s posts are important.  We will not prioritize requests.
  • For more information, contact the Office of Marketing and Communications, 607-746-4870, or email us at

Please Note:  Delhi Today Extras are only for emergencies or messages that must be communicated immediately and which impact the health, safety, or functioning of the campus community.  Delhi Today Extras will not be run to fix errors, omissions, or because someone forgot to submit their announcement on time.

To make a submission, use the Newsletter Submission Form.

Office of Admissions

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