Social Media

SUNY Delhi encourages faculty, staff, and students to be champions on behalf of the college. A popular and effective way of doing so is to communicate with each other and the world via social media. We also appreciate hearing from stakeholders on our official social media platforms via comments, questions, messages, posts, reposts, etc.

Social media is any tool or service that facilitates conversations over the internet. Social media applies not only to traditional platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but any program you may use that includes user conversations, which you may not think of as social media. YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn, blogs and wikis are all part of social media.

SUNY Delhi encourages appropriate use of social media as a method for communicating ideas and information that promote the college’s educational mission. Our social media guidelines and recommendations detail information about the college’s regulations regarding content on official SUNY Delhi social media pages. Additionally, these are intended to advise SUNY Delhi employees who indicate an institutional affiliation on their personal social media profiles on how to balance their affiliation with personal conversation. Each campus community member is reminded that when you post, blog, contribute to a wiki, or access a social networking site with a SUNY Delhi email address, you are viewed as a representative of the college and must act accordingly.

All social media accounts created on behalf of a SUNY Delhi department, club, or organization (units) must adhere to the social media engagement standards and procedures provided by the Office of Marketing and Communications. The content provided is designed to help SUNY Delhi employees, students, and other applicable partners in making the appropriate decisions when managing and/or developing social media content on behalf of the college.

For questions related to social media at SUNY Delhi, please contact Riikka Olson, Director of Marketing and Communications, at or call 607-746-4873.

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