Campus Communications

A successful college image is much more than a logo; it includes everything we say about ourselves, how we present ourselves, how we treat students, and the images and words we use. All of these interactions are very important in shaping the public's perception of SUNY Delhi.

People form an opinion every time they view something that carries our image or hear the words "SUNY Delhi." If we put forth a positive, consistent image in our communications, our actions will match what we stand for, and SUNY Delhi's integrity and stature will continue to grow.

SUNY Delhi's image is built in accordance with college policy:

The Office of Marketing and Communications is charged with the leadership and oversight of the college's public image and assuring the consistency and quality of that image in all college communications that reach internal and external audiences. This includes logos and marks, visual identity, style, usage, media relations, crisis communication, the college's website, internal campus communication, campus distribution of mass email, community relations activities, displays, and signs.

The Office of Marketing and Communications shall develop standards, guidelines and procedures necessary for the effective management of college communication efforts, and shall routinely communicate these to college departments.

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