Student Services

Student Services

Resnick Academic Achievement Center

Bush Hall, 607-746-4650,

The Resnick Academic Achievement Center is your one-stop shop for all of your academic support services. The Center is open to ALL students of the college. Staff are available to assist you in the following areas:

  • Academic Advisement/Starfish Success
  • Academic Exploration Program (Undeclared Students)
  • Access and Equity/Students with Disabilities
  • Career Services
  • Collective Pursuit of Academic & Social Support (C-PASS)
  • Educational Opportunity Program
  • Math Center
  • Starfish Success
  • Testing Accommodations
  • Tutoring – on campus and online, professional and peer
  • Writing Center

Resnick Library

Bush Hall, 607-746-4635,, Text a librarian: 607-333-7477

The Resnick Library is dedicated to supporting the success of SUNY Delhi and each and every member of the campus community through all of its endeavors and programs. The Library staff is committed to providing information resources in support of SUNY Delhi’s academic programs and teaching the community to use those resources effectively, in a supportive cross-curricular environment.

The Library is co-located with the Resnick Academic Achievement Center, and is a central place to meet for group project work, independent study, help with assignments, or to simply relax during the school day. We are open six days a week when classes are in session. Check our web page for additional schedules during breaks and vacations. Your student ID card is your Library card and gives you access to all Library services and to the SUNY network of libraries. Your Delhi network information is required to access online resources from off campus.

Our librarians are here to assist you in person and online. Stop by the Information Desk or call, email, or text us. Get help after hours through our online chat service, AskUs 24/7, via the Library web page or Vancko Hall.

Library Resources Include:

  • Wi-Fi throughout the Library
  • 60+ thin clients running MS Windows, MS Office and specialized software
  • Computer classroom with 26 MS Windows thin clients and A/V equipment
  • Laptops, phone chargers, and other items for in-Library use
  • Printing and scanning (some fee-based)
  • Five group study rooms
  • Course materials on reserve
  • Interlibrary loan services
  • Print and digital archive of select retrospective material

Important Policies:

  • Mute cellphones in the Library and take calls outside.
  • Food and beverages are permitted; but leave no trace when you are finished with your work.
  • Help us keep the Library clean by placing discarded items in the appropriate bins.
  • Respect other students by observing designated quiet and silent zones.

Fees and Fines:

  • $ 5/day for course reserves removed from the Library
  • Additional charges for lost or damaged materials
  • Items may be renewed in person at the Information Desk or via the Library web page.
  • If you return Library materials damaged, you may incur fines, and in some cases, your grades and transcripts may be blocked.
  • Overdue notices, fines, and bills are sent to you directly via campus email.


Barnes & Noble Campus Bookstore

Farrell Student and Community Center, 607-746-4760

Barnes & Noble at SUNY Delhi carries all course required materials including new, used and rental textbooks, lab supplies, academic and residence hall supplies, clothing, gifts, beverages, snack foods, health and beauty items, Trailways bus tickets and more.  Watch for our pop-up sales and special events in your student email and on digital screens. Orders are always welcome through our website to be picked up in store or shipped home.  We also offer the opportunity to sell back old textbooks throughout the year.  The bookstore accepts cash, "Delhi Dollars," Barnes & Noble gift cards and all major credit cards including "Apple Pay" and "Google Pay Send."


Barnes & Noble Café

Sit and relax in our café seating or grab something to go. Proudly serving Starbucks beverages, pastries and savory snacks, including, but not limited to: coffee, espresso, Frappuccino, iced tea and smoothies. Purchase 9 café beverages, enjoy the 10th free with the app (in the APP Store: “My College Bookstore”). Utilize your Bronco Bucks, Delhi Dollars, Cash, Credit/Debit or B&N Gift Cards.


Computer Information Systems

Bush Hall 317, 607-746-4835,

Knowing how to find and use information is key to student success. Wireless Internet Access, Campus Technology Resources and facilities are for the use of enrolled students, faculty and staff. The Resnick Learning Center Library has machines with internet access.

DELHI-SECURE Wireless Internet Access is available in main areas, conference rooms, and classrooms in all academic, administrative and recreational buildings on the Main Campus. Wireless access is also available on the Valley Campus in the Decker Auto Lab, Delhi Campus Child Care Center, Dairy Barn and Turf Center.

To access the internet, you must connect to SSID: ‘DELHI-SECURE’ with your User Name and Password (User name: First part of email address; Password: Bronco Web PIN for students, network password for staff), then open your browser. You will be automatically redirected to the BYOD Registration page. If no login page comes up, go to

  • Choose ‘Start’ to accept the terms of SUNY Delhi’s Wireless Usage Policy.
  • Enter a ‘Device Name’ and choose ‘Continue.’ You are now connected to the wireless and can access the internet.

Policies regarding SUNY Delhi Wireless are available on the CIS web page. The Help Desk is on the third floor of Bush Hall. Questions may be submitted to the Help Desk by phone or email.

Residence Hall Wireless Network is called MyResNet. It offers the ability to “Bring your own device” (BYOD), allowing you to register your device only one time. You can easily self-register up to eight devices at a time (upgrades up to 14 devices can be purchased), including your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, gaming system, etc. For additional information, consult the campus information page, MyResNet website (or chat live) at, email, call 1-855-410-7378, or text “ResNet” to 84700.


Delhi Campus Child Care Center (DC4)

Valley Campus, 607-746-4710,

The Delhi Campus Child Care Center (DC4) is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children and a participant in QUALITYstarsNY. DC4 is a stand-alone, state-of-the-art facility with highly qualified and dedicated staff. The Center is licensed to serve 85 children, ranging in age from 6 weeks through 12 years. Care is provided all year. SUNY students are given priority enrollment. Through the SUNY Block Grant, child care tuition funding for income eligible students may be available. Tuition fees are set for each age group and a sliding fee scale is available for those who pay in advance. Breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack are prepared on site in accordance with CACFP (Child and Adult Care Food Program) nutritional requirements and meals are served family style.


Student Financial Services

157 Bush Hall, 607-746-4570,

The Student Financial Services Office awards financial aid to eligible students who have filed a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). SUNY Delhi participates in the following programs: Scholarships, Federal PELL, Federal SEOG, Federal Work Study, Direct Loans (subsidized and unsubsidized), Direct Parent Loans (PLUS), and TAP and Excelsior (for New York state residents only). Students must maintain satisfactory academic pursuit and progress standards as defined by college policy in order to continue to receive financial aid. Financial aid is not processed until a student’s file is complete, so it is important to get all requested information and documentation into the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible. Once a student’s financial aid is processed, a financial aid award package will be available. Refunds due to excess financial aid will be delivered according to the refund preference selected by the student through the BankMobile Disbursements process. Information regarding BankMobile Disbursements and refund choices can be found online on the Student Accounts website and Students are encouraged to review important financial aid rights and responsibilities online. If you have any questions or problems regarding your financial aid, please call or stop by the Student Financial Services Office.

Financial Aid Penalties for Drug Violations – HEOA Section 488 (g) HEA section 4859 (k)

The HEOA under subsection (k) of section 485 requires institutions to provide to every student upon enrollment a separate, clear and conspicuous written notice with information on the penalties associated with drug-related offenses under existing section 484 (r) of the HEA. It also requires an institution to provide a timely notice to each student who has lost eligibility for any grant, loan, or work study assistance as a result of penalties under 484 (r) (1) of the HEA a separate clear, and conspicuous written notice that notifies the student of the loss of eligibility and advises the student of the ways in which to regain eligibility under section 484 (r) (2) of the HEA.

Definition – In this subsection, the term “controlled substance” has the meaning given the term in section 102 (6) of the Controlled Substances Act (21 U.S.C.802(6)).

Suspension of Eligibility for Drug-Related Offenses – In general, a student who has been convicted of any offense under any Federal or State law involving the possession or sale of a controlled substance shall not be eligible to receive any grant, loan, or work assistance under this title during the period beginning on the date of such conviction and ending after the interval specified.

  • If convicted of an offense involving the possession of a controlled substance, the ineligibility periods are:           First offense – 1 year; Second offense – 2 years; Third offense – Indefinite
  • If convicted of an offense involving the sale of a controlled substance, the ineligibility periods are:
    First offense – 2 years; Second offense – Indefinite

Regaining Financial Aid Eligibility after a Drug Conviction – HEOA sections 485(a)(7)(C) and (a)(9) HEA sections 484 (r)(2)(B) and (t)

The HEOA adds a provision at section 484 (r)(2)(B) of the HEA that allows a student whose eligibility has been suspended due to a drug conviction to resume eligibility if the conviction is reversed, set aside, or otherwise rendered nugatory or if the student successfully passes two unannounced drug tests conducted by a drug rehabilitation program that complies with criteria established by the Secretary.

Institutional Charges, Fees and Refunds - All charges are due and payable to SUNY Delhi prior to the beginning of each semester by the due date of the semester bill. Other charges that may arise during the semester are due and payable as they occur. These charges may occur due to changes in course load, changes in residence hall, parking fines, lost or damaged equipment, library books, etc. After the 4th week of classes, the college reserves the right to issue meal plan holds against students who have an unpaid balance. Under certain circumstances, if the balance remains unpaid after the 5th week of classes, the student can be de-registered from all classes.

NOTE: A student will not receive grades, transcripts, a diploma, and/or may be unable to register for future classes until all bills due the college have been paid.

Mandatory Fees - consist of the College Fee, Athletic Fee, Health Services Fee, Transportation Fee, Student Activity Fee, Technology Fee, and Transcript Fee. Mandatory fees support several college activities and services and are essential for the college to operate.  Mandatory fees are not user-based fees and students are encouraged to take full advantage of the benefits these fees provide. 

Mandatory Fee Waiver


Optional Fees - The following optional fees - Fitness Center Fee, Alumni Fee, Social Fee, and Printing Fee - may be waived by submitting the online waiver form or sending a request to the Student Financial Services Office at The request to waive these fees must be made before 4 p.m. on the second Friday of classes each semester.

Add or Drop of Courses - A $20 fee will be charged for each full semester course added after the first week of classes each semester or for a course dropped after the 4th week of classes each semester. The deadline to add or drop a partial term course without a $20 fee is prorated based on the number of weeks that the course meets; please refer to the academic calendar for exact dates and deadlines.

Administrative/Late Payment Fee - An administrative/late payment fee of $30 will be charged to all accounts not satisfied by the due date of the student bill.

Fax Machine Fee - Students may use the fax machine located in the Student Financial Services Office at the rate of $1 for the first page, including cover sheet, and $.25 for every additional page.

Returned Check Charge - There is a $20 fee for any check that is returned for insufficient funds, and personal checks will no longer be accepted from that individual. A cashier’s check, money order, credit card or cash will be the only means by which to make future payments to SUNY Delhi.

Transcript Fee - A mandatory $5 fee per semester is charged all students. This fee entitles students to an unlimited number of academic transcripts for life, at no additional charge.

Withdrawal from College Policy - Students withdrawing from college after midterm and up to the last day of the 13th week shall receive either a WP or WF for each course as provided by the course instructor, unless a grade (including a WI) for a given course has already been assigned. Students choosing to leave college after the 13th week will receive a letter grade for the course. For each category and for any refund, the college must receive a written request from the student. Students in on-campus programs withdrawing from college must obtain a withdrawal form from Health and Counseling Services in Foreman Hall and obtain clearance from each of the offices listed on the form to be eligible for any financial refund. Students in off-site and online programs must complete the online withdrawal application and contact their academic advisor. Official withdrawal by means of a completed withdrawal form turned in to the Registrar’s Office is automatically considered a written request for authorized refund.

Refunds – Voluntary Withdrawal – In order to assist those wishing to receive refunds, the following categories and policies are stated.

Tuition Refund Schedule – State University Policy (First and Second Semester)

Full Semester (15 Week) Courses

Date Range of Withdrawal

Refund Percentage

1st Week


2nd Week


3rd Week


4th Week


5th Week – to end of the semester



Session J (8-Week) Courses

Date Range of Withdrawal

Refund Percentage

1st Week


2nd Week


3rd Week


4th – 8th Week



Session K (7-Week) Courses

Week of Withdrawal

Refund Percentage

1st Week


2nd Week


3rd – 7th Week



Residence Hall Fees Refund Schedule – Students withdrawing from the college will receive the following refunds of their residence hall rental fee based on the date on which personal effects are removed from the room and the checkout procedures are completed.

  • First day of class: 100%
  • Remainder of 1st week: 85%
  • 2nd week: 70%
  • 3rd week: 50%
  • 4th week: 30%
  • 5th and subsequent weeks: NO REFUND

Note: In the case of removal from the College Residence Hall for Disciplinary Reasons, the student is liable for all room charges for the semester. No refunds.

Student Activity Fee, Athletic Fee, Health Services Fee, Fitness Fee, Technology Fee, Transportation Fee

  • Week 1:  100% refund
  • Week 2:  70%
  • Week 3:  50%
  • Week 4:  30% refund
  • Week 5 and subsequent weeks:  NO REFUND

College Fee – State University Policy – NO REFUND

Alumni Fee/Commencement Fee - upon written request only when the written request is received and withdrawal has been completed prior to the 5th week of the semester in which payment of the fee was received.

Printing Fee - refunds during the first 10 days of classes will be based upon actual usage; after the first 10 days of classes no refunds will be issued.

Transcript Fee - No refund after the first week of classes.

CADI Dining Plan Refund Policy - See Dining Services Section.

Circumstances beyond Control of Student or Military Service - In the event of serious, extenuating circumstances, provided a student has not completed more than one-half of the term and has not or will not receive academic credit for the term, he/she may apply to receive a full refund of tuition and college fee.

The term “military service” means full-time active duty during a war, other military operation, or national emergency as defined in Section 5 of the Higher Education Relief Opportunities for Student Act. There shall be no tuition or college fee liability established for a student who withdraws to enter military service prior to the end of an academic term for those courses in which he/she does not receive academic credit.

Students must apply through Health and Counseling Services and request that consideration be given for a Special Refund. Verification of the student’s extenuating circumstances (e.g., personal or medical needs or military service) will be required. Approvals from the Associate Dean of Students/Director of Health and Counseling Services and the Vice President for Student Life are then required to receive a refund for tuition and college fees.

Academic and Disciplinary Dismissals - A student who is dismissed for academic or disciplinary reasons prior to the end of an academic term shall be liable for all tuition, fees, and room charges and board charges for that term.

Cash - No cash refunds given to students/parents against pending Direct Student and/or Plus Loans. Refunds will be given once loan funds are received.

Title IV Aid Recipients - Reduction of charges for Title IV aid recipients follows the same percentage schedule as noted above. However, Title IV policy determines the amount of aid a student is eligible to retain that can be applied to his or her obligation. A percentage is calculated based on days attended vs. total days of instruction. Title IV aid is then multiplied by this percentage to determine how much aid can be used to meet the student’s overall obligation. A student is eligible to retain all Title IV approved aid upon completion of 60 percent of the semester.

All charges and refunds are subject to change at the discretion of the College Administration or the State University of New York.