Important Policies

Important Policies

Pell Recalculation Date (PRD)

Federal guidelines require Title IV eligible institutions to set a Pell Recalculation Date (PRD).  The SUNY Delhi Student Financial Services' Pell Recalculation Date consists of one date per semester, and it is a point in time when Pell will not adjust based on changes made to a student’s schedule.  Generally, any schedule changes that will add or drop credits after the first week of the start of the academic term will not increase or decrease a Pell award.  We encourage students to add any classes or adjust their schedule before these dates occur, including late starting part of term sessions such as 'K' and 'B.'

The following example uses a semester start date of Monday, August 26 and the add/drop period end date of Sunday, September 1. The Pell Recalculation Date is September 2. 

  • A student registers for 12 credit hours (full-time) for the fall semester.
  • During the first week of classes starting on August 26, this student drops one 3 credit classes leaving him with 9 credits.  Since the PRD has not yet occurred, his Pell Grant will reduce to a prorated award based on 9 credits. 
  • If this student does not add another course before the Pell Recalculation Date of September 2, his Pell Grant will not increase to assist with the cost of the additional credits and fees.

 Please note:

  • Students who withdraw from college (drop all courses) may be subject to a recalculation of all federal aid, based on the amount of time attended. 
  • Students adding additional courses late in the semester, such as a B or K session, will not be eligible for an increase to their Pell Grant if the course is added on or after the dates above.
  • Students who do not begin attendance in a course will not be eligible for the Pell Grant that was calculated based on those credits. 
  • If a student is dropping and adding the same amount of credits, this would not impact their Pell award, unless they drop before the PRD and do not add classes until after the PRD.

Upcoming Pell Recalculation Dates

Fall 2019: September 2, 2019