Division of Student Life

Division of Student Life

Student Life Division Office

Bush Hall 146, 607-746-4440

The Student Life Division Office is the home of the Vice President for Student Life and the Chief Diversity Officer who supervises many departments on campus, all of which encompass life outside of the classroom. The Division of Student Life at SUNY Delhi engages, empowers, supports and provides opportunities for students to grow, succeed, give back and reach their fullest potential.



Clark Field House, 607-746-4675

The Athletics Department offers a wide variety of varsity sports for those who want to compete at the highest level and a combination of excellent facilities: the Fitness Center, Aquatics Center, Bubble, College Golf Course, and Floyd L. Maines Arena, and including a 400-meter outdoor track, outdoor basketball courts, intramural fields, softball fields, racquetball courts and six outdoor tennis courts. Complementing competitive schedules and a dedicated, knowledgeable group of coaches has made the “Broncos” one of the most well-respected college athletics programs for men and women in New York State and the nation. The Athletics Department is a member of NCAA Division III and the North Atlantic Conference (NAC). SUNY Delhi is committed to educational and athletic excellence and invites you to become part of the tradition. 


Intramural & Fitness Programs

E.J. Reutemann, Coordinator of Intramurals, 607-746-4230

Intramurals & Recreation are offered for Flag Football, Dodgeball, Kickball, Badminton, Indoor Soccer, Basketball, Cornhole, Volleyball, Softball, Bocce, and Ultimate Frisbee. Some sports have a regular season, followed by playoffs, while other sports are a tournament format. Teams and individuals who win a sport will be given Intramural Championship T-Shirts. Information regarding mandatory captains' meetings, roster submission, and officials' clinic are announced via the Intramural Website, Digital Displays and Delhi Today (the campus email bulletin). Questions regarding Intramural sport leagues and employment can be directed to the Coordinator of Intramurals.

Beau Bracchy, Fitness Center Coordinator & Intramural Trip Coordinator, 607-746-4604

Intramurals sponsor a series of off-campus trips including: roller skating, laser tag, bowling, ski trips and professional sporting events. If you like to stay fit, then be sure to check out any one of the Weekly Fitness Classes such as Kickin' Core, Yoga Tone, Yoga Flow, Yoga Stretch, Boot Camp, Core, Pound, Circuit Work-It, and Butt & Gut. Questions regarding Intramural activity trips or Fitness Classes can be directed to the Fitness Center Coordinator.


College Association at Delhi, Inc. (Dining Services)

Farrell Student and Community Center, Room 230, 607-746-4750
The College Association at Delhi, Inc. (CADI) is dedicated to supporting the success of SUNY Delhi, and each and every student through all of its endeavors and programs. The Association and all of its employees are dedicated to the core mission of providing the highest quality dining and catering services for the best value in a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all of its customers.

The Association and all of its employees aspire to model practices which reflect the organizational values of superb customer service, teamwork, sustainability, honesty, integrity, employee development, and service to the campus and local community. CADI was established in 1956 as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation to provide auxiliary services for the SUNY Delhi campus community. The Association is governed by a Board of Directors which is made up of students, faculty, and staff.

CADI is one of the largest employers on campus. Once you have your class schedule, students can fill out a job application online. Students can work up to twenty hours per week. Positions are filled depending on availability, prior experience and skill.

Dining Services

There are several locations on campus to choose from and enjoy an array of food options. Dining Locations vary from all-you-care-to-eat, late-night snack, grab-and-go style, to a quick cup of coffee. Each place has its own set of hours and particular line of goodies to choose from:

Students living on campus are required to have a dining plan and are automatically enrolled in the 19 meals per week plan. Students can change their plan before 4 p.m. on the tenth day of classes. Dining plans consist of meals and Bronco Bucks, which are to be used for your personal consumption. Students living off campus, commuting and at Riverview may add a dining plan before 4 p.m. on the second Friday of classes. Visit the Dining Plan Options web page to find information on available dining plans, bonus meals, and more information from CADI.

Bronco Bucks allows for tax-free dining on campus and can be used at all CADI campus dining venues for tax-free purchases. Bronco Bucks roll over from the fall semester to the spring semester, as long as a dining plan is purchased in the spring.  All meal plans, including off campus commuter plans, are purchased each semester, so a plan must be purchased in the spring to have remaining Bronco Bucks from the fall rollover.

Delhi Dollars are easy, safe and convenient. These funds can be electronically accessed using your college ID card to  make purchases without having to handle cash. These can be used on campus in all vending machines, at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore, at any dining venue and at participating businesses in Delhi and Oneonta. Add Delhi Dollars online or at the CADI office. You cannot withdraw cash from your Delhi Dollars Account, but you can close it and receive a full refund if you graduate, transfer or withdraw from SUNY Delhi. Only accounts with a balance over $20 will be considered for a refund. A request for withdrawal of your balance can be made in writing at the CADI Office. Prior to the release of the refund, any outstanding balances due to CADI and/or SUNY will be deducted. For Delhi Dollars Accounts that are inactive after 30 days past the date the student leaves SUNY Delhi, there will be a $20/month inactive account fee until such time as a refund is requested or the balance is depleted. If you have any questions regarding a Delhi Dollars Account, please visit the CADI Office.

Dining Plan Refund Policy - All students residing in SUNY Delhi residence halls must purchase a dining plan. Dining plans for students living off campus, commuting or living at Riverview are optional and must be added. Dining plans can be reduced, upgraded or added during the first 10 days of scheduled classes. After the 10 day period, no refunds will be authorized except for withdrawal or leave of absence from the college, official release from housing, or movement from main campus to the Riverview Townhouses prior to the 10th week of the semester. This refund policy is in compliance with New York State Sales Tax Law, which stipulates that refunds be based solely on the passage of time as opposed to the consumption of food.

    • It is understood that there are administrative costs associated with our food service operation, such as insurance, equipment, maintenance and repair, depreciation, operating expenses, etc. This overhead is calculated annually and will be deducted from the total balance remaining as of the day of discontinuance.
    • Plan refunds will be made as indicated above, up to and including the end of the tenth (10th) week of scheduled classes, after which no refunds will be made.
    • If at any time a student is dismissed for disciplinary reasons through the campus judicial process, no dining plan balances will be refunded.
    • Bronco Bucks are non-taxable, and will be refunded on the same schedule as the dining plan.
    • Bronco Bucks balance remaining at the end of the fall term will not be refunded if the student is academically dismissed and does not return for the spring term. Spring term refunds do not include fall rollover balances.
    • Refunds are coordinated with Student Financial Services and will be applied to any balance owed to SUNY Delhi or the College Association at Delhi, Inc. (CADI).
    • Delhi Dollar balances over $20 can be refunded only upon graduation, transfer, withdrawal or dismissal from SUNY Delhi.

College ID Cards - Your ID card is your lifeline to the campus, so be sure to keep it safe! Your card is used to access the dining areas, serves as your residence hall key, library card, campus printing card, and gives you access to the fitness center and pool. Your ID is also your ticket to many student events on campus. IDs are non-transferable, meaning no one but you can use it, so please do not lend your ID to anyone. If someone attempts to use someone else’s ID, the ID will be confiscated at the register. Exceptions can be made if you are injured or sick and cannot physically get to a dining venue. Use the GET app to access your virtual ID that can be used in CADI dining venues for contactless purchases. Please contact the CADI Meal Plan Administrator at 607-746-4759 to discuss.

If you lose your ID or it is stolen, report it immediately to be issued a temporary ID for dining plan access. You can also report your card lost on CADI's GET funds website or on the GET App. A temporary ID costs $1.00 and requires a government-issued photo ID. If you recover your ID, bring it to the CADI office in the Farrell Center for reactivation or reactivate it through the GET funds site or app. A new ID costs $15.00 and is issued at the CADI office. If your ID has been stolen, report it to University Police. Your ID will be replaced at no charge if a copy of the University Police report is provided to the CADI staff.


Campus Ministry

Farrell Student and Community Center, Rm B28, 607-746-4239

Celebrate your faith while at SUNY Delhi. The SUNY Delhi Interfaith Council (DCIC), a Student Senate funded club, is a lively group of students from different religious backgrounds and diverse beliefs who come together for fellowship, to talk about life’s issues, about God, and to have fun. DCIC sponsors many different programs and activities, including Bible Studies, parties, holiday worship services, retreats, service projects, concerts, and Alternative Break trips to work with Habitat for Humanity. DCIC also sponsors the Campus Chaplain position. The Campus Chaplain is available for discussions, guidance, activities, and fun.


Center for Student Leadership & Engagement

Farrell Student and Community Center, Room 222, 607-746-4565

The Center for Student Leadership & Engagement encompasses the departments and offices of Student Activities, Fraternity & Sorority Life, O'Connor Center for Community Engagement, the Multicultural Center, International Student Services, Veteran Student Services, and Aquatics.


Educational Opportunity Program 

The Educational Opportunity Program is designed for students who have the ability and talent to succeed in college, but have had limited academic and financial options to prove their dedication. It provides supplemental support in the areas of tutoring, counseling and financial aid to eligible students. Succeed with EOP!

Equity & Inclusion

Bush Hall 146, 607-746-4440

Here at SUNY Delhi we believe in modeling inclusive excellence by enhancing our campus climate where students, faculty, staff and community feel valued, supported, and thrive. Our college is a place where we rise above biases, stereotypes and inequity, a place where diversity and inclusiveness are invaluable components of the SUNY Delhi experience.


Fraternity & Sorority Life

Greek Council Office, Farrell Student & Community Center, 607-746-4733
Student Activities Office, Farrell Student & Community Center, Room 222, 607-746-4565
HAZING HOTLINE, 607-746-4562

Fraternities & Sororities play an active role on the SUNY Delhi campus. Today, as in the past, these Greek organizations are dedicated to the ideals of scholarship, leadership, friendship, loyalty and community service. SUNY Delhi is committed to the idea of a Greek system that supports and enhances the co-curricular educational mission by fostering the true meaning of fraternal values and principles. The college is actively involved in a positive relationship with these organizations through the Greek Council, which is made up of representatives from all recognized fraternities, sororities and co-ed fraternities.

Students are free to explore joining a fraternity or sorority as early as their first semester at SUNY Delhi. First semester freshmen are not eligible to participate and are deferred to their second semester.  At such time students wishing to participate in the new member education process must acquire a 2.25 mid-term GPA to be eligible for membership. New member education occurs during both fall and spring semesters. Hazing in any form is not permitted and will not be tolerated, and students who are looking to join a Greek organization are to be treated with respect and dignity at all times. 


Health & Counseling Services

Foreman Hall, 607-746-4690, healthservices@delhi.edu

Foreman Hall is home to Health & Counseling Services. Clinic hours are posted on our web page at www.delhi.edu/campus-life/health-counseling.  Medical and counseling care is available, Monday through Friday, by appointment.  After Hours and Emergency Care is available at O’Connor Hospital, located on Route 28, Andes Road, Delhi. In case of an emergency on campus, students should contact University Police at 607-746-4700, and the appropriate transportation will be summoned. In case of serious illness or accident, parents will be contacted by the Vice President for Student Life or designee.

Same day mental health crisis appointments are available, if requested. Students in need of assistance with food insecurity, homelessness, conflict resolution or academic adjustment issues are also encouraged to seek advocacy and support from our staff.  Decisions around withdrawing from college, or personal leaves, are also handled by Health and Counseling staff.

NOTE: Health insurance is NOT required to be seen at Health & Counseling Services.

Medical Excuses

Students are encouraged to make arrangements with their instructors when illnesses interfere with course work or class attendance. Medical excuses are not normally provided and medical information will not be released without written consent of the student. The staff will notify a student’s academic school in cases of documented extended illnesses or hospitalizations.

SUNY Delhi College Policy on Health Insurance

All full-time students are encouraged to have personal health insurance to protect against injuries, accidents and illnesses while enrolled at the college. If a student is interested in purchasing health insurance, they are encouraged to check out New York State Insurance Marketplace. SUNY Delhi is not responsible for costs associated with injuries or accidents that occur on campus property or at sponsored activities. SUNY Delhi is also not responsible for health insurance deductibles or co-pays.


International Student Services

Farrell Student and Community Center, 607-746-4743, Francesco DiMarco, dimarcfp@delhi.edu

As a campus committed to diversity, we provide opportunities for success to students who are taking on the challenge of living and studying in a new culture. In addition to assistance for academic success, international students are encouraged to participate in the activities and community of an American university.

Our goal is to respect the cultural identity of the international student while providing experiences to embrace different perspectives and enjoy new friendships.  We provide services such as, but not limited to, counseling regarding F-1 status, Updates for I-20, an early orientation program, conversation partners, activities during campus breaks, and programming for all students in order to enhance their cultural appreciation and understanding.


MOSAIC Multicultural Center

Farrell Student and Community Center, Room 216, 607-746-4739, Leonel Diaz, diazla@delhi.edu 

The MOSAIC Multicultural Center serves as a space for students, faculty and staff to feel supported and valued as they explore their sense of self and the world in which they live. We are committed to providing educational support and mentorship to students and a brave space for identity awareness and holistic development. The Center is an inclusive and welcoming space and, in return, is a “home away from home” that actively encourages individuals to recognize, accept, and celebrate their humanity and the human dignity of all members of the campus community.

We are the hub for the Men of Color Leadership & Academic Excellence Initiative designed to provide support to men of color students. We also host engaging weekly discussions, purposeful mentoring opportunities, interactive cultural awareness efforts, late night study hours, and much more! 

Whenever our door is open, feel free to stop by to socialize, foster community, study, relax, eat, host meetings, engage in dialogue and identity exploration, and much more!


O'Connor Center for Community Engagement

Farrell Student and Community Center, Club Suite rooms 32, 607-746-4742, defreemt@delhi.edu

The O’Connor Center for Community Engagement (OCCE), in its third decade of service to the Greater Delhi Communities, creates essential experiences for students as they work to develop the needed skills to be successful in the classroom, at an internship and on the job. The center collaborates with community partners and stakeholders to create opportunities for individuals, clubs/organizations, classes, faculty and staff volunteers in local non-profit agencies and organizations. OCCE staff hosts volunteer orientation and training, as well as reflection times for productive feedback on their completed service projects.

SUNY Delhi students participate in community service for many reasons: to meet other students, develop decision making, team building, communication, confidence and other valuable skills that benefit their total student development while learning, living and thriving in the Delhi community. The OCCE organizes an annual Earth Day/Community Service each April. Come join our OCCE volunteer team!

Regalia "The Student Ready Store"

Farrell Student and Community Center, Club Suite, Room 32
Open year-round, Monday - Friday, 9am-4pm or by emergency appointment, 607-746-4742, defreemt@delhi.edu

The Student Ready Store offers non-perishable food, personal hygiene products at no cost to students who cannot afford to purchase them. There are no limits to what a student may take as needed. Any student who appears to be having severe difficulties will be offered additional campus resources for support. 

In addition, Regalia is intended as a supplement and is not a grocery store. This on-campus location is provided to encourage students to concentrate on their academics, become successful citizens, and is operated by the college. 

Parent & Family Services

Parent & Family Help Line, 607-746-4505

The Parent & Families web page is developed to assist parents, family members and friends of students as a resource and support. Reference information, a periodic Newsletter and ways to stay connected to students and the college are always available.


Residence Life & Housing

Catskill Hall, Room 111, 607-746-4630, reslife@delhi.edu

The Office of Residence Life provides popular, safe and congenial quarters for students. Students' academic and social experiences at college are supported and enhanced through multiple and diverse programs operated by Residence Life staff members. The Office of Residence Life provides numerous employment opportunities, fostering students’ sense of responsibility and independence, and guiding them in the development of lifelong, marketable skills. Residence Hall programming at SUNY Delhi is essential in developing a sense of belonging and respect within our residential community. Over 400 residential programs promoting student growth and development are sponsored each year in the residence halls. Catskill Hall and the Riverview Townhouses provide students with suite and apartment-style housing options, which expand the diverse living arrangement options for students.

All residence halls have a live-in team of staff members to assist each student. Resident Assistants (RAs) are fellow students who live on each residence hall floor or quad. They are trained as peer helpers, community builders, problem-solvers, and activity planners; but most importantly, they are there to help each student be successful. Residence Hall Directors (RDs) are full-time live-in professional staff members who supervise the RAs and have overall management responsibility for the residence hall in which they live. When in doubt or in need of help, please seek out a staff member! More information about services, programs, policies and procedures may be found in the online Housing Policy Guide.


Student Activities

Student Activities serves as the information hub for a wide variety of exciting co-curricular activities that take place on our campus. From big name entertainment to student government, this is the place to be if you want to become active and have a lot more fun while attending SUNY Delhi.

Farrell Student Level (also known as the Club Level) is a place for students to relax in between or after classes. There are pool tables, an air hockey table and a ping pong table as well as comfortable chairs, Student lockers available on a first-come first-served basis. The Club Level is also home to the Art Center, the Student Mail Center and student club offices such as the Student Senate, Greek Council, DCIC, and the Student Programming Board Office.

BroncoCONNECT is SUNY Delhi’s student engagement and student organization management platform. It is a wonderful tool to use as a one-stop shop for finding out about all the opportunities and events that are happening all across campus. You can join student organizations and learn when and where they meet and track your involvement. In addition, many campus offices and departments have a page where they post information about events and opportunities they want students to be aware of. Although BroncoCONNECT can be accessed and fully utilized by any mobile device, there is a free companion app called Corq that you can download from the App Store or Google Play. Corq is a great way to search for campus events and download your very own Event Pass for campus events. Questions on BroncoCONNECT or the Corq App can be directed to the Center for Student Leadership & Engagement.

Visit BroncoCONNECT for the most up-to-date list of active Student Clubs & Organizations on campus. There you will find information about club advisors and club meeting times and locations.  If you need further assistance, please stop by the Office of Student Activities.

A Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT) is an official record of your co-curricular activities (club and organization membership, and activity participation, etc.), special accomplishments, and awards and honors received. It can be accessed via the CCT function on your BroncoCONNECT Page.  As an official college document, the CCT can be used to support your applications for summer employment, internships, graduate school, or employment resumes after graduation. The CCT is also required for the many scholarships and awards SUNY Delhi offers its students. In a recent survey, 71% of employers preferred job applicants to include a co-curricular transcript. For information on starting a CCT, stop by the CSLE office for more information.


Student Mail Center

Farrell Student and Community Center, Club Level, 607-746-4564

All students (residents and commuters) are expected to check their campus mailbox regularly at the Student Mail Center, and are held responsible for the information sent to you by the campus.

First class postage stamps, international postage, and business envelopes are available. Package deliveries and prepaid pick up service from Fed Ex, UPS and the Post Office happen daily (except on weekends). Voter Registration forms are available at the Student Mail Center.

Students are notified by the Bronco Package Express via their student email when a package is ready to be picked up at the Student Mail Center. Students can be notified via text message if they enter their cell phone number into Bronco Web under “Student Cell Phone.” Your SUNY Delhi ID is MANDATORY to pick up your packages during office hours. Students MUST use their campus mailing address as follows to receive mail or packages: Student Name, 649 Bronco Drive, # (your 4-digit number), Delhi, NY 13753-4450.


Student Rights & Responsibilities

Catskill Hall, Room 111, 607-746-4443

The Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities seeks to educate students about the consequences of their behaviors by holding students accountable for the choices they make. This Office also seeks to encourage community development by implementing preventive programming and addressing violations of community standards and college policies.

The judicial system at SUNY Delhi is educational and progressive. We use education to provide students with an understanding of the consequences of their choices and behaviors. Often, educational sanctions are implemented to help students learn from their behavior in order to make better decisions in the future. The educational sanctions include workshops, community service, judicial educator modules, and counseling, among others.

Students cannot succeed academically or socially if they do not feel safe and secure in their environment, and it is the responsibility of the college to impose sanctions and limits upon those who threaten the tranquility of the campus and safety of others. The judicial system is progressive in that students who continue to violate college policy, regardless of the severity of the offense, are held accountable for their choices and may be removed from the college community if deemed necessary.

The Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities is administered by the Director of Student Rights & Responsibilities and the Vice President for Student Life, often in collaboration with Residence Life and University Police. Students are responsible for knowing and abiding by all of the rules and regulations contained in the Student Code of Conduct. If you have any questions regarding these rules, feel free to speak with the Director of Student Rights & Responsibilities.


Student Senate

Farrell Student and Community Center, Room 032, 607-746-4382

Student Senate meets at 5:15 p.m. on Wednesdays, Farrell Center, 2nd floor and is the student governing body for our campus. Meetings are open to the public, and all students and staff are encouraged to attend. The Senate is composed of representatives from all recognized clubs and organizations, plus an Executive Board made up of four student-elected student officers. Student Senate serves as the voice of the students in many important campus-wide issues. In order to best serve all students, the Senate is comprised of several standing committees which include Finance, Dining Hall, and Constitutional Review, as well as Ad-Hoc Committees which are formed to deal with specific issues that may arise. Committee membership is made up of student senators and provides interested students with a chance to participate in greater depth and detail in important campus issues. Student Senate representatives also participate on a statewide basis as active members of the SUNY Wide Student Assembly.

The Student Senate governs and funds over 50 active clubs on campus. All recognized clubs and organizations are supported by the mandatory student activity fee paid by all students. It is the Student Senate that determines how these fees are allocated and spent, and monitors the expenditures of clubs and organizations. Recognized organizations on campus include academic clubs, ethnic groups, service organizations, dance and performance groups, social organizations, and Social Greek Letter Organizations.

Campus-wide entertainment is coordinated through the Student Programming Board (SPB). The SPB presents a wide variety of programming including comedy, movies, concerts, guest speakers, novelty items, trips, Winterfest, and other recreational events. Look for big name entertainers and special guests to visit from time-to-time for major SPB events. SPB is not alone in presenting entertainment on campus, as many clubs, including the Residence Hall Association, BSU, and Greek Council, also promote regular events.

With an active Student Senate and over 50 diverse organizations to participate in, all students are strongly encouraged to “Get Involved” in order to make the most out of the SUNY Delhi experience. For more specific information about policies governing student organizations, please refer to the Student Activities website or BroncoCONNECT.


New York State University Police

North Hall, 607-746-4700

SUNY Delhi places the highest priority on the safety and well-being of its students, faculty, and staff. The University Police Department provides law enforcement services for the campus. Officers patrol campus 24 hours-a-day by vehicle, foot and bicycle patrols. Officers possess full police powers and enforce all state and local laws on college property. Nevertheless, the possibility of loss through theft and vandalism or personal injury also requires individual effort to reduce these risks. Prompt reporting of unusual/suspicious activity and observing campus regulations are important obligations of each campus community member. The University Police Department, in conjunction with the Campus Health & Safety Officer, maintain an active fire safety and accident prevention program through frequent inspection of college facilities and the mechanical fire protection system.

A printed copy of the SUNY Delhi Annual Security and Fire Safety Report will be provided upon request by University Police, or the Vice President for Student Life.

The University Police Department supervises the Campus Lost and Found system. Lost property should be reported to University Police and found property delivered to North Hall as soon as possible. The Office will make every effort to locate owners of found property. Property which has not been claimed within 90 days will be disposed of pursuant to law. All students are strongly advised to label their property.

In the event of a significant emergency or dangerous situation involving the immediate threat to the health and safety of persons on the campus, the college will notify the campus community in a timely manner via Rave Mobile Safety. The notification will be disseminated to students, faculty, and staff using several mediums, including the college email system, campus voice mail system and the campus public address system. The warning may also be sent via Rave Mobile Safety, unless notification would otherwise compromise the effort to assist victims or contain the emergency. Depending on the particular circumstance of the crime, the University Police Department may also post a notice on the University Police website. An important part of the emergency notification system is providing the SUNY Delhi community with timely warnings regarding crimes that pose an immediate, ongoing, or continuing threat to persons or property. Upon receiving valid information regarding a potential threat, the college will determine the channels in which the timely warning will be issued. The warning may be posted on the University Police website and/or sent to the campus community via campus email. Posters and flyers may also be made and distributed throughout campus.

Parking Information

All individuals who park on campus at any point must be registered with University Police. The department, located in North Hall, is open 24/7 for parking passes, including free temporary passes for visitors to campus and members of the campus and off-campus community. All individuals parking on campus should read the SUNY Delhi Campus Parking and Traffic Regulations Brochure to be sure they are aware of appropriate places to park, and to read about the Campus Parking Fee, the consequences of multiple outstanding tickets, and the Ticket Appeal process. 


Veteran Student Services

Student Veteran Resource Center, Farnsworth Hall 134, 607-746-4743, Francesco DiMarco, dimarcfp@delhi.edu

SUNY Delhi honors the service that every veteran has given to this great country and is committed to providing an environment that is conducive to the needs of our student veterans. This includes all members of the National Guard, Reserves, Active Duty, Veterans, Dependents and Affiliates.

Students are the most important members of the college community and we are committed to student success. The Office of Veteran Affairs is firm in its mission to increase access for Veterans while providing them with the necessary guidance, mentoring and array of student-centered services, programs and community support that will assist with their transition and ensure their academic and personal success within the college community.