Summer 2024 Compressed Work Week Schedule Guidelines

SUNY Delhi (the College) is piloting a compressed work week for employees on obligation during the Summer of 2024. Compressed work weeks will be available from June 6, 2024 through August 14, 2024. The operational needs of the College and your department or office will be considered in all decisions regarding compressed work weeks. Departments and offices must be available to serve constituents from 8am to 4pm Monday through Friday during this time period. Therefore, a department or office must be physically open with a subset of staff during this time period, offices may not close on-campus operations due to participation in this program.


Compressed Work Week

Employees who are not eligible for telecommuting or who prefer a compressed work week may apply. Interested employees must continue to fulfill their normal professional obligation but will perform their obligation over a 4-day work week rather than the typical 5-day work week. A compressed work week must begin at the start of a payroll period and end at the end of a payroll period. Employees will automatically be returned to their previous work week obligation at the conclusion of their agreement or by August 14, 2024. Interested employees must complete the compressed work week application - UUP or CSEA


Applications should be made in accordance with the parameters specified below:

Four-day work week

  • Your weekly normal obligation will be spread over 4 days, per week, instead of 5
  • Each work day will generally have 10 hours of work availability, instead of the typical 8.
    • Note: CSEA - ASU employees work a 37.5 work week. 3 days will be 9.5 hours and the 4th will be 9 hours.


    • Operational needs must be met as determined by your supervisor(s).
    • Employees are required to fulfill their normal work obligation.
    • Employees must still meet the needs of their office or department in accordance with their compressed work week.
    • Employees will have no change to salary and/or benefits.
    • Employees continue to accrue leave at their appropriate rate.
    • Time off requests outside of the compressed day off must charge for the amount of time scheduled to work.
    • Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that their employees meet their expected professional obligation during this period in accordance with their performance program.


The College reserves the right to end or suspend this Summer Compressed Work Week pilot at the end of any work week. The College or Management reserves the right to discontinue individual Summer Compressed Work Week participation at the end of any work week.

This program will end August 14, 2024 and may not be available after this time period.

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