Alternate Work Location

Under limited circumstances and where it is in the best interests of the college and the employee, agreements may be developed which permit working at an alternative location (e.g., the employee’s home). Such agreements shall be for a fixed period of time (except in the case of employees who are hired solely to work online) and shall be approved by the leadership team member. All agreements, at a minimum, shall include:

  • Beginning and ending date;
  • Detailed description of the duties to be performed;
  • Rationale;
  • Security/confidentiality provisions;
  • Communication stipulations (how/when the employee will be reachable);
  • Responsibility for equipment/supplies/internet and phone service, etc.;
  • Employee responsibility for return of college equipment upon termination of the agreement or the individual’s employment;
  • Health/safety/liability provisions;
  • That the employee agrees to abide by college policies and procedures;
  • Compensation and benefits.

Classified and non-teaching professional staff who are requesting to work from a remote location are required to complete the Telecommuting Application form (pdf).  Once completed, the form is submitted for supervisor’s approval. Once all approvers have signed the application, the application is forwarded to the Office of Human Resources and will become part of the employee's personnel file. If approved, Weekly Telecommuting Work Plans (pdf) may be required to be provided by your supervisor.  If you have questions, please contact OHR


Updated March 2020

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