Outside Employment

Outside employment, for procedural purposes, is separated into work for another New York State agency (e.g., SUNY Oneonta) and all other work. Outside employment cannot interfere with the performance of the employee’s professional obligation under any circumstances. The professional obligation for faculty includes meeting and preparing for classes, office hours and student advisement, as well as extra-class responsibilities for program evaluation, committees, staff and department/division meetings, student recruitment and student placement. Almost all faculty members have an academic year obligation, a ten-month period designated annually by the President, which begins in August and ends in June. Most professional staff at Delhi have either a calendar-year (12 month) obligation or a college-year obligation (10 or 11 months, with a designated period of non-obligation).

Approval from the college president is required for concurrent employment at another SUNY campus or for a New York State agency, whether it is during or outside of the professional obligation. A UP-8 form (pdf) should be approved and initialed by the employee’s immediate supervisor and submitted to the president’s office.

Supervisory approval for outside employment for a non-New York State employer is not required. However, care should be taken to ensure that the employment does not involve conflicts of interest or any appearance of impropriety (under the Public Officer’s Law) and that it does not impede meeting your professional obligation.

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