This policy is established to strike a balance between preventing preferential treatment while not discriminating against applicants or employees based solely upon marital, blood or domestic partner relationships (as defined by New York State for health insurance purposes).

  1. College policy does not preclude the employment of two of more members of the same family.*  However, an employee of the college may not officially approve nor recommend the appointment, reappointment, promotion, or salary adjustment of a blood relative, legal relative or domestic partner.
  2. Where a search process results in the nomination of a candidate who is a blood relative, legal relative, or domestic partner of a person in the administrative chain of the position, the proposed appointment, with full documentation supporting the appointment, must be passed for review/action to the cabinet-level administrative supervisor and to the Interim Director of Human Resources.
  3. If employees find themselves responsible for the direct supervision of a blood relative, legal relative or domestic partner, they must arrange with their supervisor for an appropriate means of removing themselves from the supervision process, including evaluation, recommendation for promotion or salary adjustment, leave approval, etc.

*Family is defined as mother, father, step-parent, spouse, sibling, children, step-children or domestic partner.

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