Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance program is a confidential information, assessment and referral program that provides employee-requested services.  These services include:

  • Assessment for referral to the most appropriate community resource provider for services related to emotional or physical illnesses, alcohol and other drug related problems;
  • Assistance with family-related problems;
  • Advocacy, assistance and intervention with health insurance;
  • Information on resources for issues such as child care, eldercare, legal, and financial support services;
  • Workplace health and prevention programs;
  • Workplace educational preventive, wellness

The only limits to confidentiality are where information is required by law to be disclosed; when a person is in imminent harm to themselves or others or when there is reasonable suspicion of child abuse.

The Employee Assistance Program is open to all employees, and their families. There are a number of ways to access EAP services.


Any employee may contact EAP at by calling B. Davis, SUNY Center for Student Leadership and Engagement, 221 Farrell Center, at 607-746-4841.

Supervisory Referral

A supervisor may recommend or suggest EAP to an employee, but it is ultimately the employee's decision whether or not to contact EAP. Because confidentiality is essential, a supervisor cannot receive information from EAP unless the employee signs a release of information. Acceptance of an EAP referral does not remove an employee's responsibility to improve work performance.

Union Referral

A union representative may suggest or encourage an employee to contact the EAP to assist with personal problems or to provide support in improving job performance.

Third Party Referral

At times, friends, family, clergy and counselors may suggest contacting the EAP for assistance.

Campus Contact Person

For information or assistance, contact B. Davis, EAP Referral Coordinator, at 607-746-4841.

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