Chancellor's Awards for Professional Service

Chancellor's Awards for Professional Service

Seven SUNY Delhi faculty and staff members have been awarded the 2018-2019 Chancellor’s Award for Excellence for their superior professional achievement and outstanding contributions to education. The prestigious awards are presented each year to acknowledge and encourage the ongoing pursuit of excellence among instructional faculty, librarians, and professional staff across State University of New York campuses.

Profile PictureDr. Joseph Piasek, Assistant Professor of English and Communications, was recognized with the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities. With an extensive and diverse career in both national and local media as a writer, director, performer, and producer, Piasek has brought his decades-long professional and academic experience to his classroom at SUNY Delhi. Students benefit enormously from his guidance and involvement with the campus radio and television stations as well as the media studies club. Piasek also established the first and only FCC licensed full power non-commercial educational (NCE) radio station, WIOX Community Radio, in Delaware County, bringing the community together through education and entertainment. With his remarkable knowledge and willingness to mentor students, Joseph Piasek is an invaluable asset to the college and an example of excellence in creative productivity.

ProfileAmanda Calabrese, Senior Assistant Librarian at the Resnick Library at SUNY Delhi, received the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Librarianship. A highly regarded and extraordinarily skilled librarian, Calabrese passionately serves the evolving needs of the library and the college community. Calabrese has significantly impacted the growth and quality of online course instruction at SUNY Delhi by supporting faculty with developing innovative teaching ideas, showing remarkable care and concern for the online student experience, and implementing the latest technologies. In her role as a librarian, Amanda Calabrese has demonstrated a superior level of commitment to higher education and student success.

profile picProfessor Michael Branigan was honored with the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Faculty Service. As program director for the Natural Resources, Recreation, and Sports Department at SUNY Delhi, Branigan has made outstanding contributions to enhance the program’s curriculum, experiential learning opportunities for students, and ties to the larger community. Branigan’s initiatives include Kids Night Out, an annual event that allows Delhi students to have hands-on practice with programming while serving the community by providing recreation for local children. He also facilitated a partnership with The Eric D. Dettenrieder Memorial Fund, allowing students to work with individuals with disabilities through adaptive sports programming. With these and numerous other contributions, Michael Branigan is a model of devoted and selfless service to the campus and the community that far exceeds normal professional obligations.

dswfsdJanice Hall is the recipient of the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Classified Service for her role as Secretary II for the School of Nursing at SUNY Delhi. Employed by the college for the past 17 years, Hall consistently demonstrates a praiseworthy job performance beyond the scope of her duties. With an ability to multitask and manage a multitude of departmental needs in a fast-paced work environment, Hall takes personal pride in offering skillful support and exemplary customer service to students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Her creative problem-solving and analytical skillset have greatly enhanced the efficacy and organization of the School of Nursing.

vasdgdfKathleen Ogborn, Professor of Veterinary Science Technology at SUNY Delhi, was recognized with the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. In her 20-year career at Delhi, Ogborn has mastered myriad innovative teaching techniques to engage her students in active learning in one of the college’s most challenging programs. From a flipped classroom to utilizing student assistants and GoPro cameras in teaching veterinary skills, Ogborn works tirelessly to ensure her students are absorbing the learning material. Students consistently praise her fairness, approachability, and personal attention, and colleagues look to her as an inspiration and mentor.

fdsgffdsaInstructional Support Specialist Karen Teitelbaum received the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Professional Service. In her 21 years of employment at SUNY Delhi, Teitelbaum has demonstrated her commitment to the betterment of the campus community through her service on numerous committees such as hiring search committees, the student conduct council committee, and the personal safety committee. She has been a member of the UUP executive board for 18 years. In her day-to-day role in instructional support for the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Teitelbaum shows exceptional skill and devotion in facilitating and overseeing educational lab exercises to ensure the best possible learning experience for students. With a willingness to go above and beyond her duties, she is an example of professionalism and service.

iugiuhDesiree Carter was honored with the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Adjunct Teaching. As an online nursing instructor working remotely from Florida, Carter brings her professional real-life nursing experience, enthusiasm, and high standards to her online classroom. Her dynamic teaching approach ensures that students are engaged, able to think critically, and fully equipped to succeed in the demanding program. She is an active member of the School of Nursing at SUNY Delhi and contributes to curriculum development and assessment. In order to stay up-to-date in the ever-changing medical profession, Carter maintains her nursing license and professional memberships, invests in professional growth, and engages in research. Her dedication to her students’ success is evident each year as she travels all the way from Florida to attend their graduation.