New On-Campus Option for Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice

New On-Campus Option for Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice

Student dusting beaker for fingerprintsStarting in January 2019, SUNY Delhi will be offering a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Criminal Justice on the main campus in addition to the current online program. The on-campus program will allow students who graduate from the Criminal Justice Studies associate’s program to stay at Delhi to continue their education instead of having to transfer to another school.

“The students love the campus. They want to come to Delhi and stay here instead of transferring to another school for their bachelor’s,” said Patricia DeAngelis, Program Director and Professor of Criminal Justice at SUNY Delhi. “Creating this option is a natural progression for our college.”

SUNY Delhi serves a diverse body of students consisting of both traditional students who live and study on campus, as well as non-traditional students who may have work or family obligations and require more flexible study options. By providing both on-campus and online programs, Delhi is able to serve a variety of learners.

“The on-campus baccalaureate program in Criminal Justice is well-suited for students who want the traditional college experience without having to transfer after two years,” said Dr. Linnea Goodwin Burwood, Dean and Professor of Liberal Arts and Sciences. “With an increasingly competitive job market, more students are pursuing four-year degrees. We are excited to offer a new avenue towards that goal.”

SUNY Delhi’s Criminal Justice baccalaureate program consists of core courses in criminal justice coupled with a variety of electives, allowing students to cater their education to their career goals. Through both theory and experiential learning the degree provides students with the academic foundation needed to pursue a number of options in their field, including careers in law enforcement, corrections, criminal investigation, and social work. Graduates may also seek higher education to pursue graduate degrees.

“Our program prepares students for the real world,” said DeAngelis. “Our courses are taught by faculty who have been in the field and bring their real-world experiences into the classroom. With hands-on learning, small class sizes and individual attention, our students get a competitive edge in the job market.”