Fall Class Schedule

Fall 2020 Class Schedule

Tips for Registration Success

  • Carefully review your entire schedule once it is complete, again at the beginning of the term, and any time you make a change.
  • Use the online searchable class schedule to locate class sections that match your degree requirements.


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Fall 2020 Sessions

Session Term Dates
"1" Session Full Term August 31 - December 18
"2" Session High School Term September 21 - February 5
"3" Session Off-Site Term August 31 - December 18
"A" Session First-Half Term August 31 - October 21
"B" Session Last-Half Term October 22 - December 14
"J" Session Special Term August 31 - October 19
"K" Session Special Term October 26 - December 11

Full-Time Student

Undergraduate students must be registered for a minimum of 12 credits to be a full-time student. If they are unable to register for at least 12 credits, they are advised to see their academic advisor for alternate suggestions. Not being enrolled full time could jeopardize housing, financial aid, insurance, billing, etc. The final responsibility for meeting program requirements rests with the student.

Class Schedule Changes

SUNY Delhi may change class schedule information at any time. SUNY Delhi reserves the right to cancel any course because of insufficient enrollment or other reasons. Because the class schedule is a dynamic document, student schedules may change. All students should re-review their schedule prior to the start of the new term.


Students need 2 PINs to register: (1) General Student PIN, which will be their PIN while attending SUNY Delhi. The General PIN is used to log in to Bronco Web. (2) Alternate PIN, which will change every semester for registration purposes. The alternate PIN is only available from the student’s academic advisor.


Several offices at SUNY Delhi have the authority to place holds on student records. These holds may impact a student’s ability to register or add/drop and/or to receive official transcripts, diplomas, or statements of degree. Please take care of all holds before trying to register.

Days of the Week

  • M = Monday 
  • T = Tuesday 
  • W = Wednesday
  • R = Thursday
  • F = Friday
  • S = Saturday
  • U = Sunday

Building Codes

Code Building
ALUMNI Alumni Hall
ATEC1 Plumbing Laboratory
ATEC2 Refrigeration Laboratory
ATEC3 Welding Laboratory
ATEC5 Electrical Technologies Center
BUBBLE Air Structure - Sports
BUSHHL Bush Hall
CATSKL Catskill Hall
DECKER Decker Automotive Laboratory
DY-BRN Dairy Barn
DUB-HL DuBois Hall
ETOWER Evenden Tower
FARNHL Farnsworth Hall
FMSR College Farm Laboratory
FRL-HL Farrell Hall
INT Internet Class, no physical location
KNSELA Kunsela Hall
MDN-HL MacDonald Hall
OCO-HL O'Connor Hall
OFF-NR Off Campus
OFF-OT Off Campus
SAN-HL Sanford Hall
SMI-HL Smith Hall
SOU-HL South Hall
SPORTS Clark Field House
TBA To Be Announced
THR-HL Thurston Hall
TURF Turf Center
ONLINE Online Course
Non-Standard Section Codes
SCH, SCO, SO2 Schenectady County CC
INT, IN1, 2, 3, etc. Internet Courses