Registering and Dropping Classes

Registering and Dropping Classes

Registering and Dropping Classes using Bronco Web

  • After a student registers for classes, they might choose to make adjustments to their original schedule. Adding and dropping classes using Bronco Web is only available to students who have attended SUNY Delhi during the previous term, and who do not have any holds which will stop registration (e.g., not on academic probation or owe the college money from a prior term).
  • First semester freshman students, first semester transfer students, and readmitted students must contact their advisor or division office to request an adjustment in their schedule.
  • Please be aware that students cannot drop ALL of their classes online. The system will require that at least one class remain. If the student wishes to withdraw completely from college, contact the Health & Counseling Center in Foreman Hall.

Logging in to Bronco Web to Register or Drop Classes

  1. Log in to Bronco Web by entering your User ID (800# or SSN) and PIN (Personal Identification Number), then select the Login button. The Main Menu of Bronco Web will be displayed. If you have forgotten your PIN, select the Forgot PIN button, follow the prompts and the system will assist you.
  2. From the Main Menu of Bronco Web, select the Student link.
  3. From the Student Services page, select the Registration link.
  4. From the Registration page, select the Add or Drop Classes link.
  5. Enter or select the appropriate term and click on Submit.
  6. If necessary, enter your Alternate PIN and click on Submit.

To Register or Add a Class

  1. Enter the CRN of each class you wish to add in the CRN worksheet at the bottom of the page.
  2. Click on Submit Changes.
  3. If you do not know the CRN of the class you wish to add, Click on the Class Search button and follow the directions given.

To Drop a Class

  1. Select "Web Withdrawal" from the drop-down box next to each class you wish to drop.
  2. Click on Submit Changes.

Caution: If you are dropping or adding a class which has both a lecture and laboratory (or studio) section, you must drop or add both CRNs at the same time.

Please see the Academic Calendar for specific registration dates and deadlines. There are deadlines for adding and dropping classes, and there is a fee to drop a class after a certain point each semester.