Registering and Dropping Classes

Registering and Dropping Classes

Adding or Dropping for Incoming Students

  • If you are an incoming student, your schedule will be created for you at a Bronco Ready Day.
  • If you wish to drop a class or make any adjustments to your schedule, please consult with your academic advisor/school.

Adding or Dropping for Current Students

  • As a current student, you will be able to make adjustments to your own schedule through Bronco Web during the Add/Drop period
  • Students are given their enrollment time and an alternate PIN via their academic advisor.
  • If you are a current student, you will register for classes in Bronco Web. Here are directions on how to log in to BroncoWeb and Register (docx).
  • To drop a class in Bronco Web, select "Web Withdrawal" from the drop-down box next to each class you wish to drop.
  • Click on Submit Changes.
  • To drop a class after access to BroncoWeb registration has ended, fill out the Course Drop form on the Registrar's Forms page.

Caution: To avoid an error when dropping or adding a class that has both a lecture and laboratory (or studio) section, you must drop or add both CRNs at the same time. After the Add/Drop period, students must get an Add/Drop form from the Registrar's Office (Bush Hall Room 124).

* Online and off-site students, please contact your academic advisor for program specific instructions.

Adding or Dropping for Returning Students

  • If you are a returning student (returning after a leave from Delhi), your schedule will be created for you in conjunction with your academic advisor/school.
  • Any adjustments to your schedule must be made with your academic advisor/school.

Adding or Dropping for Non-Matriculated Students/Continuing Education

  • If you are not a SUNY Delhi student, but wish to take a course with us or drop a course, please refer to our Continuing Education information.
  • Here is the Continuing Education Drop/Withdrawal Form (pdf).
  • All students must refer to the Academic Calendar for specific registration dates and deadlines. There are deadlines for adding and dropping classes, and there is a fee to drop a class after a certain point each semester.