Cross Registration

Cross Registration

SUNY’s Cross Registration policy is primarily intended to resolve scheduling conflicts for required courses that would delay timely program completion. By providing access to required courses at other SUNY campuses, cross registration allows students to complete requirements in situations where a course or courses are unavailable at their home campus.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Matriculated in an undergraduate or graduate program
  • Enrolled in degree applicable credits
  • In good academic standing at your home campus

Quick Summary

  • Fall and spring semesters; on a case-by-case basis for winter and summer semesters
  • Up to 2 courses per semester
  • Cross registration can only be at SUNY colleges.
  • You do not need to be full time at your home campus.
  • Form available (SUNY Cross Registration Form)


To Register at Another School (Host School) with Delhi as your Home School

  • Take a look at the Transfer Equivalencies to make sure the course(s) you are looking to register for have an equivalent that is degree applicable, and discuss with your academic advisor.  If you do not see the course(s) listed, contact your advisor or academic school office.
  • Fill out the SUNY Cross Registration Form.

Courses that are Eligible for Cross Registration

  • Any degree-applicable general education or liberal arts course(s) is eligible for consideration for cross registration.
  • Core major courses are generally not approved for cross registration unless the student can demonstrate a delay in time to completion of degree.


Excluded from these guidelines are:

  • Instructional arrangements with the City University of New York or independent/private colleges and universities;
  • Academic programs jointly offered by more than one SUNY campus;
  • SUNY’s statutory colleges at Cornell and Alfred University;
  • Instructional arrangements between Environmental Science and Forestry and Syracuse University;
  • State-operated branch campuses co-located with a SUNY community college;
  • Study Abroad programs; and,
  • International Programs.

To Register at Delhi as your Host School

  • Review your college's requirements for Cross Registration.
  • Fill out the SUNY Cross Registration Form.
  • Get the appropriate approvals from your college's officials.
  • If necessary, attach unofficial transcripts to your application for pre-requisite checking.


  • Stay updated by reviewing your messages from the SUNY Cross Registration process.
  • You are responsible for notifying the appropriate offices on BOTH campuses if you withdraw from a course(s).