Notification of Bill

A billing email notification will be sent to the STUDENT'S Delhi email address when the billing statement is available on Bronco WebNo paper bills will be mailed to the student's home address. Access to view/print/pay semester bills is done online through Bronco Web.

If you would like an email notification to go to someone in addition to the student, such as a parent, legal guardian, or other third party, the student must set this person up as an Authorized Payer on their QuikPay account.


The Student Financial Services Office creates Electronic Bills (E-Bills) for students based on registration for the current term. Bills cannot be generated prior to registration. 

Because we assess tuition and fees based on registration, any changes to your schedule may result in billing changes. Additionally, changes to room assignments and meal plans will affect the amount of your bill. Other miscellaneous charges such as library charges, parking tickets, and residence hall damage charges will also have an impact on your bill and can fluctuate during the semester.

Please check your Transaction History on Bronco Web frequently to keep up-to-date with any changes on your account. Billing statements for all accounts with a balance due are generated monthly throughout the semester. 

Due Date

All bills for the Spring 2024 semester are due by January 192024.  Bills for students registering after this date will be due upon receipt.

Any tuition bills not paid or not covered by an approved Payment Plan by the due date will be considered past due and may be subject to a monthly administrative/late fee.

All accounts considered past due will have a Business Office (BO) Hold after February 5, 2024. A BO Hold will prevent registration, viewing grades, etc . Also, any students with unpaid bills after the fourth week of school are subject to having their meal plans shut off for a period until payment is made or arranged with Student Financial Services.

Students with a Business Office Hold who need to make changes to their current semester schedules need to contact the Student Financial Services Office to discuss the balance on their account and hold release options. 

View/Pay your SUNY Delhi Bill

You can view/pay your bill online through Bronco Web.

  • Log in to Bronco Web.
  • Click on the "Student Services & Financial Aid" tab.
  • Click on "Student Account" link.
  • Click on "View / Pay Your Bill" link. (Be sure to disable the pop-up blocker.)
    • To view your bill, click on "View & Pay Accounts" link.
    • To pay your bill, click on "Make Payment" link and enter the term, amount and payment method.
  • Complete all required fields until payment is confirmed.

Payments can also be made via check/money order payable to SUNY Delhi and mailed to:

SUNY Delhi
Student Financial Services
454 Delhi Drive
Delhi, NY 13753 

Room Rent

Room rent charges are based on the student's current room assignment. Any changes must be arranged with the Residence Life Office and students are responsible for any room rent increases as a result of the changes. 

Meal Plans

A meal plan is mandatory for all students living in the residence halls, with the exception of the Riverview Townhouses.

All students are defaulted to and billed for the 14 meal plan but may opt for a different plan. Additional information on meal plans is available here. If you would like to change your meal plan selection, please go to the Residence Life web page and click on the "Student Housing Management Access" button on the right hand side of the page. Then click the "Meal Plan Selection" link. 

Health Insurance

Students are advised to have personal health insurance for medical expenses that may result from treatment at hospitals and for services not provided at our campus clinic. (NOTE: Our campus clinic does not bill insurance). If you need health insurance, visit the New York Health Plans website for information. SUNY Delhi is not responsible for costs associated with injuries or accidents that occur on campus property or at sponsored activities. SUNY Delhi is also not responsible for health insurance deductibles or co-pays.

Optional Fees

The following optional fees may be waived by completing the Optional Fee Waiver form:

  • Alumni Fee ($35)
  • Commencement Fee ($30) - charged to students slated to graduate in the Spring 2024 semester
  • Fitness Center Fee ($60)
  • Pharmacy Fee ($30)
  • Print Fee ($15)
  • Res Life Social Fee ($20) - charged to students living in the residence halls (including Riverview Townhouses)

All fees need to be waived by 4 p.m. on the second Friday of classes (February 9, 2024). 

Financial Aid

Your bill may show credits applied to your account based on information from the Student Financial Aid Office and the amount is subject to change. Students are responsible for paying any difference between deferred and actual aid. If an award is not credited on your bill, your application may be incomplete and you should contact the Student Financial Aid Office at 607-746-4570 or

If your financial aid is not approved by the first day of class, you are responsible for the full amount due.

You must submit proof to the Student Financial Services Office for any aid you wish to use that does not already appear on your bill. 

Returned Checks

A returned check charge of $20 will be assessed for any check returned or redeposited. 

Prior Balances

Prior charges and/or credits are identified as Previous Semester Balance and are included in the total amount due. 

Not Attending

If you will not be attending SUNY Delhi for the Spring 2024 semester, please notify Enrollment Services prior to the start of the semester so we may give your spot to another student and remove all charges from your account. 

Office of Admissions

118 Bush Hall