Tuition & Fees

Estimated Annual Costs

Below are our estimated annual billed costs for both undergraduate and graduate programs. For full list of billable and non-billable items, visit our Cost of Attendance webpage. 

New York State Residents: Estimated Annual Costs for the 2023 - 2024 Academic Year

Expense Undergraduate Graduate
Tuition *(In-State Residents) $  7,070.00  $ 11,310.00
Student Fees $  1,650.00  $      490.00
Room Rent (Standard Double Room) $  8,340.00  $          0.00
Meal Plan $  6,250.00  $          0.00

Total Estimated Annual Cost

$ 23,310.00 $  11,800.00



On-Campus Credit Hour Costs: Tuition & fee rates per semester
Number of Credit Hours In-state Tuition Tuition Excelsior Out-of-State Tuition Associate Degree Out-of-State Tuition Bachelor's Degree Comprehensive Fee*



































































12 and up






*Tuition & fees are subject to change without notice. Online fees differ from on-campus fees.

Description of Tuition & Fees

  • In-State Tuition - Cost of college courses for qualified NYS residents only.
  • Out-of-State Tuition, Associate Degree - Cost of college courses for out-of-state residents enrolled in an associate degree program.
  • Out-of-State Tuition, Bachelor's Degree - Cost of college courses for out-of-state residents enrolled in a bachelor's degree program.
  • Out-of-State Tuition, Online Degree - Cost of college courses for out-of-state residents enrolled in an online degree program.

Payment of Charges

Tuition bills for each semester are emailed prior to the start of classes. All charges are due and payable in full to the "State University of New York at Delhi" by the due date of the bill or prior to the start of classes - whichever comes first.

The Comprehensive Student Fee is charged to all students and consists of the following:

  • College Fee - (mandatory) Required by all State-operated campuses.
  • Athletic Fee - (mandatory) Supports all athletic programs, facilities and equipment and is open to all students.
  • Health Services Fee - (mandatory) Covers the cost of the Health Center. Students are able to use the Health Center services for minor illnesses. The Health Center also offers counseling services.
  • Technology Fee - (mandatory) Supports the Computer Center and facilitates the continued improvement of computer systems and services such as email, classroom technology, technical help, and wireless connections.
  • Student Activity Fee - (mandatory) Supports a wide range of cultural and educational programs as well as student entertainment including weekend movies, comedians, bands, and more.
  • Transportation Fee - (mandatory) Supports costs for transportation both on and off campus including the Bronco Bus and academic vans.
  • Alumni Fee ** - (optional) Charged to all full-time students with 12 credits or more, this fee provides lifetime membership in the SUNY Delhi Alumni Association. This includes invitations to reunions, networking events, and a subscription to Delhi Horizons, the official college magazine for alumni and supporters of SUNY Delhi. Lifetime use of the
    Resnick Library, excluding access to electronic resources, is also included.
  • Fitness Fee ** - (optional) Provides unlimited use of the campus fitness center.
  • Orientation Fee - Students attending Fall Orientation will be assessed a $150 Orientation Fee and students beginning classes in January and attending Spring Orientation will be assessed a $75 Orientation Fee.

Miscellaneous Fees and Fines

  • Print Fee ** - (optional) $15 print fee allows students access to print to campus-owned public printers from campus-owned computers and student-owned computers managed through each student's campus ID card.
  • Laundry Fee - (mandatory) $40 laundry fee is assessed to all students living on campus in the residence halls, excluding Riverview.
  • Commencement Fee ** - (optional) $30 commencement fee is charged to students in the semester they are slated to graduate. This fee can be waived within the first 2 weeks of classes.
  • Course Fees *** - (mandatory) Certain courses have a fee charged due to the course having extraordinary costs to teach.  All course fees must be approved by SUNY and are mandatory for students enrolled in the course.
  • Social Fee ** - (optional) $20 fee is assessed to all students living in the residence halls. This fee is used to support individual residence hall social programming and activities such as BBQs, parties, movies, shopping trips and contests, etc. Students who elect to pay the fee will be given the opportunity to participate in these activities.
  • Athletic Health Insurance Fee - (mandatory) $60 - The Department of Athletics carries an accident policy for student-athletes. Student-athletes will be charged to participate in this policy. Should a student-athlete participate on more than one athletic team during the academic year, they will only be billed once.
  • Late Registration Fee - Students who register after the first day of classes will be charged a $40 late registration fee.
  • Returned payment charge - $20 will be assessed for any check returned or redeposited.
  • Administrative/Late Fee - Accounts with outstanding balances past the billing due date may be assessed a monthly administrative/late fee. The administrative/late fees range from $30 to $50 based on the amount past  due. 

Administrative/Late Fee Chart
Past Due Amount Administrative/Late Fee
Less than $1,000 $30.00
$1,000 to less than $2,000 $40.00
$2,000 and above  $50.00

  • Drop/Add Course Fee - $20 fee will be assessed for each full semester course dropped after the fourth week of classes.

** Optional fees may be waived by submitting an Optional Fee Waiver Request by the second Friday of classes. 

*** In rare, extenuating circumstances such as financial hardship, students may request a reduction or waiver of the following 3 course fees by emailing the academic department outlining the personal financial hardship reason.  The academic department will forward any hardship requests to the Budget office with a recommendation to approve or deny such request.  A final determination will be made by the Budget office in consultation with Student Financial Services and will notify the department who will notify the student. 

Course  Name                                                                           Department Email

NURS 110 -Fundamentals in Nursing                         

NURS 200 -Medical-Surgical Nursing                         

ARCH 125 – Architecture Design Graphics                            

Course Fee Waiver Eligibility Criteria:

  • Current SUNY Delhi student matriculated into a program of study in which the course is required for completion of the program.
  • Must be eligible to receive federal financial aid.
  • Applied for and accepted all Federal and State financial aid you are eligible for.
  • The financial aid received is less than the students educational expenses included in the Cost of Attendance.

Financial Obligation of Students

A student will not receive their diploma until balances due to the college have been paid.

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