Delhi Hosts Math and Science Day for Local High Schools

Teacher measuring femur bone while students watch
SUNY Delhi recently welcomed 80 local high school students on campus for Math & Science Day, a science exploration event filled with hands-on workshops and activities. Participating high schools included Delaware Academy, South Kortright, Franklin, and Walton.  
Taught by SUNY Delhi math and science faculty, students spent the day exploring topics in physics, chemistry, anthropology, biology, and everyday math. Workshops included studying the velocity and distance of projectiles, measuring invisible molecules, and calculating the probability of various real-life scenarios, among others.   
Teacher in background with students along both sides“Sometimes in school you forget why you’re learning things, so it was really interesting to see how math and science are used in the real world,” said Jeff Bullis from Franklin High School. He said he was considering going to college for engineering.  
Delaware Academy student Aolani McCarthy’s favorite activity was an anthropology experiment in which students learned to estimate age, sex, and stature from human bones in order to match skeletal remains to missing persons’ profiles.  
“That was really cool,” she said. “All these activities definitely reinforced my interest in science as a career.” 
Assistant Professor Douglas Holub, who organized the event, said that was exactly what he hoped to accomplish.  
“We wanted the students to discover how math and science can be useful, but also exciting.” 
Holub added that the event also sought to raise awareness about educational opportunities in math and science for local students. 
“SUNY Delhi’s associate degree in liberal arts with a concentration in math and science fulfills the academic requirements of the first two years of related bachelor’s degrees at most SUNY schools,” he said. “This makes SUNY Delhi an excellent choice for anyone interested in a career in science.” 
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