Fraud Policy

The SUNY Board of Trustees adopted a Fraud Policy at its March 2013 Board Meeting.  The Fraud Policy helps to set the tone of the organization and communicate to all employees the requirement for honest behavior, ethical conduct, and fiduciary oversight with SUNY funds, resources, and property. At this meeting, the Board of Trustee's also amended the existing Fraud Procedure. 

SUNY already maintains a System-wide Fraud Hotline to Report Suspected Fraud. Through the revised procedure, campuses will be required to report all frauds to the Office of University Audit so they may be tracked and monitored by the Fraud Committee using a standard form, and report to the Office of the University Auditor any contact from the New York State Attorney General, the Inspector General, or any other outside agency regarding any investigation. In addition, each campus is required to establish a mechanism (fraud hotline) such as a toll free number, email address, or facsimile number that individuals can use to report suspected and detected fraud and irregularities.

SUNY System Fraud Policy

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