EOP Verification

EOP Verification

First time freshmen who have applied for admission to SUNY Delhi through the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) for Fall 2022 must meet certain academic and economic eligibility requirements. If being consider for our EOP Program, applicants will receive a letter from our Admissions Office with instructions on how to continue the application process.

The first step is to schedule and attend a virtual interview with our EOP staff.  At any point during the application process, students are encouraged to begin submitting required documentation to SFS as listed below. Below you will find information related to the EOP financial verification process and acceptable documentation. Visit the EOP Office web page for more information about the program at SUNY Delhi.

EOP Financial Verification Process

Economic Eligibility Overview

The verification process requires a historical review of the household size and total annual income. Total annual income includes all taxable and non-taxable funds that are received by the household for general use. Such funds may be derived from sources such as wages, dividends, interest, social security, disability pensions, veteran's benefits and unemployment benefits. For more information on the economic eligibility requirements, visit the SUNY Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) web page.

Step 1: SUNY EOP Financial Form

Complete and submit the online 2022 SUNY EOP Financial Form.  This form will ask for information including the student's dependency status, parental information, income, benefits/support received and household members. 

  • Visit the SUNY web page and log in to your applySUNY account.
  • Locate the online version of the 2022 SUNY EOP Financial Form and complete all sections.

Step 2: SUNY EOP Cover Sheet

Based on your responses submitted on the SUNY EOP Financial Form, additional information will be required. Review your 'Cover Sheet' for a list of items. 

  • After submitting the EOP Financial Form, locate your 'Cover Sheet' within your applySUNY account
  • Collect and submit the required information to SUNY Delhi.

Step 3: Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Complete and submit the 2022-2023 FAFSA using 2020 income information. 

  • To begin, create a Federal Student Aid ID (FSA ID) and if dependent, a parent must also create their own ID.  Safely store your ID for each subsequent year that you apply for federal financial aid.
  • Complete and submit the online FAFSA as accurately as possible.
  • Add SUNY Delhi as a school of choice using our school code of '002857.'
  • After submission of the FAFSA, the confirmation page should provide a link to apply for NYS financial aid, such as the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP). Submit the NYS Student Aid Application online at the Higher Education Service Corporation (HESC) website.

Step 4: Submit Additional Documentation 

Based on the responses submitted on the SUNY EOP Financial Form, the FAFSA and any other information provided, it is common that additional documentation will be required before the financial review can be completed. Student Financial Services (SFS) will reach out to students via their provided personal email address, phone and by mail.

  • Check your email often and be on the lookout for mail from SFS requesting supporting documentation.
  • Supporting documentation may include copies of tax returns, W2 forms, proof of public assistance and/or other benefits/support received, assets, untaxed income, business income and/or additional information for household members.

Document Submission: 

Students may submit documentation directly to SUNY and the documentation will be distributed to the SUNY campuses they have applied to.  Our preferred method is to submit documents directly to SUNY Delhi's Student Financial Services office by using our Secure Upload form.  The link to this Secure Upload form is provided on our request for information letters and emails. 

Most Common EOP Verification Questions

My parent(s) filed or were required to file taxes, what should I submit?

Tax filers should submit a signed copy of their federal tax return that includes the 1040 form and all schedules. If the 1040 form is unavailable, copies may be requested by the tax filer with their tax preparer or by requesting a copy of their Tax Return Transcript online from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) website

If your taxes were amended, we would need a signed copy of your 1040X that was filed with the IRS or an IRS Tax Account Transcript.  

Typically,  tax information is requested from 2 years prior to the application year. For example, applicants applying for 2022-2023 academic year would need to submit 2020 federal tax information. Additional tax years may be requested.

What documentation is acceptable for proof of Public Assistance received?
Official public assistance documentation must show the names of all case members and benefits received from 01/01/2020-12/31/2020. If needed, a copy of our 2022-2023 EOP Public Assistance Form is available to print and present to your local office for completion. 
My FAFSA was selected for verification. Do I need to submit documents for both the FAFSA and EOP verification?
Yes. Although both verification processes may have different requirements, all information is needed before the EOP financial verification can be completed.
If I use the FAFSA Data Retrieval Tool (DRT), do I still have to submit a copy of my taxes?
Yes. If you successfully use the online DRT and agree to transfer tax information to your FAFSA, you still need to submit copies of the tax return or transcript for EOP purposes.  This includes copies of the federal 1040 form or the IRS Tax Return Transcript.
Who is considered an 'eligible household member' when completing the SUNY EOP Financial Form?
Dependent Students: Include yourself, the parent(s) with whom you live, your stepparent if applicable, their other dependent children (even if they do not live with you) if your parent(s) will provide more than half of their support between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023, and other people if they now live with you, your parent(s) provide more than half of their support and your parent(s) will continue to provide more than half of their support between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023.

Independent Students: Include yourself, your spouse (if married), your children (if any) if you will provide half of their support between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023, even if they do not live with you, and other people if they now live with you, you provide more than half of their support and you will continue to provide more than half of their support between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023.
How do I obtain a copy of an IRS Non-filing Letter?

Independent students or parents of dependent students who did not and were not required to file taxes will need to submit an IRS Verification of Non-Tax Filing letter.  Non-tax filers can request this letter using the methods below:

  1. Online through the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) website
  2. Request a copy of the letter by submitting IRS form 4506-T to the IRS as listed on our Forms web page.
I was asked to submit copies W-2 forms but I cannot locate them.  What should I do?
We suggest contacting the employer who issued that W-2 and request another copy.  If that is not an option, you can request an 'IRS Wage and Tax Transcript' online from the Internal Revenue System (IRS) or by completing the paper IRS form 4506-T to request a copy of the transcript be mailed to you.
My household received child support payments in 2020. What documentation is acceptable?

 Submit the '2022-2023 EOP Child Support Received' form with all sections completed to Student Financial Services.