Diplomas are mailed in:

  • February, following fall graduation;
  • July, following spring graduation;
  • September, following summer graduation.

SUNY Delhi's diplomas will list the:

  • Type of degree earned (e.g., Associate in Applied Science, Bachelor of Business Administration, etc.);
  • Date of graduation;
  • Latin honors received (undergraduates only).

A diploma will not include the major (e.g., Culinary Arts, Accounting, etc.).

Diploma Names

  • To update your legal name (your legal first name or your last name), with SUNY Delhi, you must submit legal documentation of a name change (marriage license, divorce decree, court order, new driver's license, etc.) to the Registrar's Office.
  • The student has the option to include or exclude their middle name. Please be sure to enter your middle name on the petition to graduate exactly how you wish your middle name to display.
  • No personal or professional titles are printed on a diploma; including, but not limited to: Mr., Mrs., Fr., or Dr.
    • Students with a chosen/lived first name on file with the College may elect to have their chosen/lived first name printed on the diploma. To do this, simply enter the chosen/lived name on your petition to graduate. Before you do so, please consider the following:
      • Although SUNY Delhi considers the diploma to be a ceremonial document, some recipients may require your diploma (in conjunction with your official transcript) for various legal, immigration, credentialing, profesional licensure, visa applications, and employment purposes.
      • Using your chosen/lived first name as your Diploma Name may result in unforeseen complications due to the discrepancy between your diploma and other documents (such as your transcript, passport, birth certificate, etc.) that contain your legal name.
      • To avoid such complications, we recommend printing your legal name on your diploma if you plan to live, work, or study outside of the United States now or in the future.
      • If you have your diploma printed with your chosen/lived name on it but need a diploma printed with your legal name, you will have to pay the replacement diploma fee. Replacement diploma requests are not processed upon receipt; they are generally processed once per month.

Please Note:

  • Diplomas will not be handed out at the commencement ceremony.
  • Depending on the size of your mailbox, the post office may hold your diploma at your local post office for you to pick up in person.
  • Students must resolve all obligations to the college, before a diploma will be mailed.  Diplomas will only be held for a period of one year in the Registrar's Office.
  • If your diploma arrives damaged, please contact the Registrar's Office by email with a photo of the damaged document. We will arrange a replacement at no cost to you.

Replacement Diplomas

For replacement diplomas, please use the SUNY Delhi Duplicate Diploma Request form