SUNY Delhi Announces New Academic Programs in Response to Industry Needs

SUNY Delhi Adds New Academic Programs in Response to Industry Needs

Student sitting in chairDelhi, NY (11/5/2019) — SUNY Delhi has added new majors and tracks to its academic degree offerings this fall in response to industry needs and latest developments. The college is introducing an associate's degree in Electrical Construction and Utility Operations, a bachelor's degree in Sustainability, and new tracks for the bachelor's degree in Business and Technology Management. Additionally, qualified graduates of the bachelor's degree in Veterinary Technology are now able to seamlessly transfer to the Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program at Ross University in St. Kitts.

"SUNY Delhi is committed to providing our students with the most up-to-date and relevant education that prepares them for successful careers in today's workforce," said SUNY Delhi President Michael Laliberte. "Through our extensive network of industry connections, alumni, and advisory boards, we closely follow industry trends and demands and strive to create cutting-edge curricula with strong hands-on components. Our students graduate with the versatile knowledge and skills that employers are looking for."

Electrical Construction and Utility Operations (AOS, AAS)
SUNY Delhi's new associate's degree in Electrical Construction and Utility Operations specifically addresses the high need for qualified utility operations workers. The first year of study focuses on essential electrical construction knowledge, while the second year expands to develop skills in utility operations with both overhead and underground installations.

"Graduates of this program can expect near 100 percent job placement with higher than average entry-level salaries as well as opportunities for quick advancement and promotion within the industry," said Nancy Macdonald, dean of the School of Applied Technologies and Architecture at SUNY Delhi. "Students learn in our dedicated facilities and labs with replica residential and commercial wiring systems and gain real-life experience utilizing the pole yard on campus."

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Sustainability (BS)
SUNY Delhi's new bachelor's program in Sustainability combines hard science knowledge with real-world solutions to apply a mindset of responsibility to a variety of workplaces. With a focus on environmental protection, social responsibility, and the economy, the program welcomes freshmen and transfer students aiming at careers in any facet of sustainability.

"What makes our sustainability program unique is that it takes a comprehensive, interdisciplinary look at responsible practices that can be applied to any career," said Dr. Linnea Goodwin Burwood, dean of the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences at SUNY Delhi. "As every industry faces the necessary concerns regarding resource management and economic viability, graduates of our sustainability degree will help play a role in making those changes."

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Business and Technology Management (BBA)
SUNY Delhi's bachelor's degree in Business and Technology Management has new tracks that allow students to concentrate on either business management or technology. While both tracks blend information technology knowledge with essential business skills such as marketing, budgeting, and supply chain management, the tracks allow students to focus on the area that best aligns with their interests and career goals. This program will be offered both online and on campus.

"This unique degree offers an excellent preparation for diverse roles in today's dynamic, data-driven business world," said Dr. David Brower, dean of the School of Business and Hospitality Management at SUNY Delhi. "Electives allow students to take additional courses in their specialized areas of interest. They will graduate with leadership skills and the ability to make strategic business decisions to support the goals of any organization."

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Veterinary Technology (BS)
The Veterinary Science department at SUNY Delhi has signed an articulation agreement with the Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in St. Kitts. With this agreement, graduates of SUNY Delhi's Veterinary Technology bachelor's program who meet pre-requisite requirements with a GPA of 3.2 or higher will be able to transfer seamlessly to Ross University and pursue careers as veterinarians.

"This is an excellent option for our bachelor's program graduates who want to continue their studies all the way to vet school," said Dr. Bret Meckel, dean of the School of Veterinary and Applied Sciences at SUNY Delhi. "Ross University's DVM program offers a versatile, hands-on education that pairs well with the experiential learning offered at Delhi. Located in the Caribbean, St. Kitts is filled with natural beauty, and exotic marine and tropical wildlife which will further enrich the veterinary science learning experience."

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