Spring Accepted On-campus Students

Congratulations on your acceptance to SUNY Delhi!

Follow the steps below to finalize your enrollment and become a member of the SUNY Delhi community.

Accepted Student Checklist

Step 1 - Access Bronco Web & Delhi Email 

Bronco Web is a central portal where students can access their student information, class schedule, view their bill and more. For additional information, view this video which describes Bronco Web and how to log in

  • Enter our Secure Area for Bronco Web
  • Enter your login information provided in your SUNY Delhi Acceptance Letter.
      • Username: SUNY Delhi email
      • Password: The Password listed in your acceptance letter.
  • The first time you login you will be required to:
    • Change your password
    • Set up security questions for when you need to reset your password
    • Set up options for Muti-factor authentication (MFA), make sure you use a device that you will be bringing with you to campus (like your personal cell phone not your parents)

Important: All official communication from SUNY Delhi will be sent to your @live.delhi.edu email account.

To ensure that all college information arrives in your preferred email, use the email forwarding feature in your @live.delhi.edu account.

To log in to your @live.delhi.edu email account:

ACTIONS REQUIRED: 1. Login to Email   2. Login to Bronco Web 

Step 2 - Pay Your Deposit
  • All incoming students must pay the deposit.
  • The residential student deposit is $150: $50 toward an admission deposit, $100 toward a housing deposit.
    The commuting student admission deposit is $50.
  • Due to high demand and limited lab space, many of our technology programs will reach their capacity limits prior to the May 1st deadline. This may result in your application being waitlisted prior to May 1st.

  • The admission deposit for students entering in Spring 2024 is fully refundable for 30 days after payment is received.

Deposit refunds:

Students entering in Spring 2024 have 30 days from their acceptance to request a refund. This request must be in writing and can be sent via fax to 607-746-4104, by emailing enroll@delhi.edu, or by sending the request to SUNY Delhi, Office of Admissions, 454 Delhi Drive, Delhi, NY 13753.

Payment options:


Pay Online

  • Choose "Student Services and Financial Aid" tab.
  • Click on "Student Account" link.
  • Click on "QuikPay - Admission Deposit" link or
  • Click on "QuikPay - Housing Deposit" link.
  • Select the term (fall/spring) and year, based on which term you are accepted for.

    *Please Note: If you are paying BOTH the admission deposit and the housing deposit, you will need to make two separate transactions.

    OPTION 2:
    Pay by check or money order.  Make check payable to SUNY Delhi and mail to Student Financial Services, SUNY Delhi, 454 Delhi Drive, Delhi, NY 13753.

    ACTION REQUIRED: Pay deposit
Step 3 - Apply for Financial Aid
  • For a list of common financial aid applications and instructions, visit the Apply for Aid web page.

  • New students who have been accepted to SUNY Delhi and have submitted the 2023-2024 FAFSA will receive a financial aid packet by mail from the Student Financial Services office.

  • The packet will include your financial aid offer as well as other important information. 

  • Students will also receive an email notification to view their financial aid offer in Bronco Web.

  • Visit the Bronco Web Navigation Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to view your financial aid, accept/decline student loans, and view requests for additional information.

    Plan ahead for purchasing books and supplies! 

  • Books and supplies can be purchased through the SUNY Delhi Barnes & Noble Bookstore.

  • These costs are not included in the student’s billing statement and are a separate expense.

  • Some degree programs require additional supplies and tools. Check out your program’s webpage for any specific requirements.

    Whether you need assistance or not, consider booking a New Student Appointment with a Financial Aid Counselor.

  • These appointments are designed to help prepare new students for their first semester at SUNY Delhi before classes begin.

  • Students who will not be utilizing aid are still encouraged to make an appointment for other important billing and account related information.

  • We offer both in-person and virtual appointments.

    Stay on track with our Important Dates webpage and don’t forget to submit the SUNY Delhi Campus-Based Scholarship application!  

    For ways to get in touch, visit our Connect with SFS web page. 

Step 4 - Reserve a Residence Hall Room
  • Students who have paid their deposit and are planning to live on campus will receive notification on how to reserve a space in one of our residence halls.
  • Rooms are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  • Housing for Spring 2024 is guaranteed if you have paid your deposit and have completed the housing contract.

ACTION REQUIRED: Visit our Housing Page  for additional information and to reserve your room.

Step 5 - Set up your Student ID Card

ACTION REQUIRED: Submit a picture for your Student ID.

Step 6 - Attend Bronco Ready (Orientation for Deposited Students)

Saturday, January 27 – Sunday, January 28: Bronco Ready Spring Orientation

All students eligible to participate based on these criteria will be automatically enrolled. You will receive information regarding this, and other important new student topics, at your SUNY Delhi email address. Some of the program is virtual and consists of the components listed below. 

Self-Guided Online Course: All new incoming students will be enrolled in a Bronco Ready Day online course in Online Delhi. Instructions will be sent to your SUNY Delhi email, and you may begin the online course immediately. Students experiencing problems with accessing or completing the course should contact us at orientation@delhi.edu  or call our office at 607-746-4565.

Spring Bronco Ready Orientation Information

Step 7 - Submit All Final Transcripts (High School and College)
  • Upon graduation, ask your high school to send an official, final high school transcript that includes your graduation date.
  • The final, official transcript is also required to release your financial aid.
  • We also require official transcripts from every college you have attended.

    ACTION REQUIRED: Provide SUNY Delhi with all final, official high school and college transcripts before arriving on campus.
Step 8 - Complete SPARC - Online Training Course
  • College students across the United States are required to complete training in the prevention of sexual and interpersonal violence. The Sexual and Interpersonal Violence Prevention and Response Course (SPARC) was developed by the State University of New York to provide you with information and resources regarding these important issues. The course is mandatory, and must be completed by the first day of class for your first semester at SUNY Delhi. Failure to complete the course will result in a hold being placed on your academic record.

    If you have specific questions regarding the course, you will be able to ask them during our Bronco Ready Orientation Program or view this video which will show you how to navigate to Online Delhi and access the Bronco SPARC course
  •  You will not have access to complete the course until you receive the email with instructions.

    If you are a new, online student, your advisor will assist you with specific questions. 


Step 9 - Submit Health Requirements
  • Students are required to submit Health and Immunization Information via the patient portal after they have submitted their admission deposit. This must be completed prior to attendance.

ACTION REQUIRED: Students must submit Health and Immunization Information via the patient portal.

Step 10 - Semester Bills & Financial Aid
  • The deadline to pay and cover your Spring semester charges with financial aid is Ten Days before the start of classes.. Visit our billing page for more information including how to view your bill and/or make a payment. 
  • Watch for your Refund Selection Kit, which will be mailed to your permanent address. Learn about refund options at: College and Financial Aid Refunds.
  • Have questions related to financial aid or your bill? Don't delay! Book a New Student Virtual Appointment with a member of our team before the bill due date and before classes begin. 
Step 11 - Register Your Vehicle

Online Registration Instructions:
1. Log in to Bronco Web.
2. Enter your username and Password.
3. Under Student Services and Financial Aid tab, select Parking Permits.
4. Disable Pop Up Blocker.
5. Fill in all the required information.
6. Choose payment option and complete form.

ACTION REQUIRED: Register your vehicle online prior to orientation.

Step 12 - Students with Disabilities Self-Disclosure Form

ACTION REQUIRED: If you have a disability, send required documentation to:
The Office of Access and Equity Services
Bush Hall Room 221
SUNY Delhi 
454 Delhi Drive
Delhi, NY 13753

Phone: 607-746-4593
Email: accessandequity@delhi.edu
Fax: 607-832-7593

Step 13 - Online Delhi Introduction
  1. To access Student Introduction to Online Delhi in Online Delhi, please visit MYDELHISTUDENT.
  2. Select Online Delhi from the left side menu.
  3. Login with Single Sign On information (Un: Full email address Pw: Delhi Password)
  4. Once you have logged in, you will see your courses listed in the middle section of the page. This is called the My Courses page.
  5. Locate and click on the Student Introduction to Online Delhi  icon on the right.
  6. Click the Self enroll button and begin the course.
Step 14 - Attend Welcome Weekend (Saturday, January 27 - Sunday, January 28)

The time has come! All new Spring 2024 students (first-time and transfer) will arrive at SUNY Delhi for the start of the Spring semester. During Welcome Weekend, our campus will be jam-packed full of activities leading up to the start of classes! Learn more about Welcome Weekend.

ACTION REQUIRED: Attend Welcome Weekend and start classes!

Office of Admissions

118 Bush Hall