Notary Public Directory

Notary Public Directory

  • When possible, please contact one of the officers below to schedule an appointment.
  • Bring a valid, government-issued photo ID when you meet with the officer.
  • Make certain that your document(s) are complete; however, do not sign the document(s).
  • Make certain all signers are present for the notarization.

Theresa Miller
Resnick Academic Achievement Center
Bush Hall, 2nd Floor

Ruth Ehrets

Senior Human Resources Associate
Bush Hall, Room 105

Rachel Kendall

Mildred & Louis Resnick Library
Bush Hall, 2nd Floor
607-746-4737 or 607-746-4644

Lisa Heimbauer
School of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Evenden Tower, Room 715

Laurie Jones
School of Business & Hospitality Management
Alumni Hall, Room 111

Kelley Quarino
School of Nursing
Sanford Hall, Room 217

Jackie Finn
Administrative Assistant, CADI
Farrell Center, Room 230

George Spielman
Office of the President
Bush Hall, Room 133